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Top AI Trends in Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce & Top AI (Artificial Intelligence) Driven Trends The AI (Artificial Intelligence) market has gone massive lately.  It is expected to hit $7.35 billion by year end. Today, no industry is naive to AI tools and applications.  (Check out this infographic by Mofluid) While Healthcare, Finance and Automotive are among the first gainers, IT, ITES, Education and…
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Brute Force Attacks – What’s Going On?

Brute Force Attacks on Wordpress websites. Some great security plugins to use.

Does A Credit Card Make Sense For Your Business?

Business Credit Cards Do They Make Sense For Your Business???? Good question huh?  Well, this is a great topic to discuss – most small business entrepreneurs are self funding.  Many small businesses are classified as Sole Proprietors.  (Which simply means there is no legal distinction between the owner and the business entity.  As the owner,…
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Photographer to Novelist ~ Introducing Jon Michael Riley

[bctt tweet=”From Photographer to Novelist . . . introducing Jon Michael Riley!” username=”judylm”] I love it when someone believes in themselves, their skills and their idea’s.  Novelist, Jon Michael Riley is one of those people!  When I met Jon, he was transitioning from photographer to novelist.  His first book in the Channey Moran Action Thriller…
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Backlinks ~ Trust Ratio ~ Pingbacks

Let’s start with Backlinks? Backlinks are when one website links to another – they are also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links”. The more the merrier and the higher you will rank is a myth.  You need quality websites to be linked to – example – are you a Better Business Bureau member?  If…
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Gen-X The Boomer’s Off Spring

GEN-X the Boomer’s Off Spring , the Forgotten yet powerful generation.   Do Not IGNORE ~ by doing so, it means you are ignoring a demographic that has impressive influence over both household and company decisions. This is another reason why small business entrepreneurs are asked “Who Is Your Target Market?”  If you answer everyone – then…
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Target Audience Millennials or Gen Y

Who is Your Target Audience?  Why do I ask?  Look, you may have a great product or service and yes, your product or service can be beneficial to “ALL” age groups – BUT ~ you need to define the majority age group of your target audience.  You will speak to your target audience only –…
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Stop the Website PopUps Before You Lose Your Client!

Stop the Website PopUps!   Website Popups!  How annoying this is! Look, I click on a link because I find your content that I am reading interesting – but nothing is more frustrating then clicking on the link and all of a sudden you are redirected to a page that has your information – a…
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Age Is No Barrier

By Jenny Holt, Freelance Health Writer  Age Is No Barrier To Starting Your Own Business . . . . Age is ABSOLUTELY no barrier for starting your own business.  The desire to start your business can hit an individual at any age. If you have an idea for a product or service, and see an…
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