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Travel Insurance Can Protect Your Trip!

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Travel Insurance Can Protect Your Trip!

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Freedom rings my friends. With restrictions easing, people are once again setting their sights on traveling. Thank you for reaching out with this great add on for my post “10 Safe Places For Female Solo Travel During Covid-19”, they wanted to add their “9 Best Travel Insurance Companies of 2021” to the post. After reviewing the guide, (which is great!) I asked if they would also do a blog post! READ ON …..

Travel Insurance Can Protect Your Trip!

If this past year has been any indication, traveling has been a very hectic time for everyone. However, since the CDC started to lift some travel bans, people have been making a mad dash to restarting their travel plans.

With this sudden boom, it means that people are scrambling to do some revenge travel! For this very reason, it is even more important to ensure that we stay as safe as possible. Travel Insurance is there to protect us from a mistake made to a sudden emergency.

It is well known that things aren’t always well explained when getting any type of insurance. This article concentrates on Travel Insurance ~ its benefits and the reasons behind acquiring a policy.

– If you are a frequent traveler, then you will recognize this situation:

  • Lost Luggage ~ You arrive at baggage claim looking for your luggage. You are the last one waiting, and your luggage isn’t there. The added expense to replace what you need isn’t something you counted on. Minimize this scenario, by adding the “Lost Luggage” policy to your travel policy. the (lost, stolen, or damaged luggage) policy could save you the hassle of out of pocket reimbursable expenses. Now, if you pack your bags with high-ticket items like electronics, this add-on is a must.
  • Trip Cancellation ~ Even if you make a well-thought plan, you always run the risk of a wild card popping up out of the blue that could cause you to lose thousands on tickets and hotels potentially. Trip Cancellation can help cover you for non-refundable expenses like airfare. An example, making a claim when you have to cancel a trip due to a health emergency or illness. If you usually have a chaotic schedule, get the CFAR or “Cancel For Any Reason” policy. Its coverage span is in the name. 
  • Travel Medical Insurance ~ The state of your health is one crucial detail to consider when traveling. If you happen to fall ill or get into an accident, your regular medical insurance won’t cover you. Being outside your native countries borders is a huge issue for needed medical coverage. Depending on the insurance provider you pick, Travel Medical Insurance is the answer to this dilemma as their limits are borderless. An added tip; include “accidental death and dismemberment” in your policy as well.

Have you designed a plan yet?

If you are dead-set on traveling in 2021, then please do some additional research to ensure that things can go as smoothly as possible for you and the people that journey with you. Keep an eye on the latest updates from the CDC. Here is the direct link for “Domestic Travel” during COVID-19 and “International Travel” during Covid-19. If you can, try to clear up your credit report so you can use any rewards credit cards you may have.

From Judy: Thank you Mike and team for this well thought out information for all of our readers. If you are traveling within the United States or outside the country, these tips for traveling are a definite must. Truly consider Travel Insurance to alleviate any additional worries or issues that arise when traveling.

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