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Business Tips For Women Entrepreneurs

4 Ways To Define Your Target Audience

The lifeline of any business is its customers (AKA Target Audience). Regardless of how long you have been operating in the industry, it is crucial that you secure customers which can be done by knowing who your target audience is. Doing so can help set you on the right track. Identifying your target audience and…
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Marketing Basics:

How To Be Your Own Marketing Department . . . . . As an entrepreneur, Marketing Basics are key. You wear many hats. In addition to being the idea creator and personal accountant, you also need to learn how to advertise your products and become your own marketing department of sorts. It may be a…
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Working Remotely? How Secure Are You?

Working remotely is becoming the norm. I heard from Lucas Stewart, from Cable Compare who reached out to share a great link and information on this very topic. Cable Compare covers several topics, such as the internet, streaming, TV, and much more. This article is about your internet security Did you know? $1.5 Billion dollars…
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How Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Poker Players

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need a variety of skills (Poker Players) and influences. Drive, ambition, and desire are all prerequisites for success, as is an ability to get up in the morning. If you don’t have the basic components, then you’ll simply never be a success. You don’t even need a killer idea;…
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The Future of the MBA

The Future of the MBA …

Online Child Safety ~ Cyber Bullying ~ Privacy ~ Social Media

Online Child Safety ~ A Real Problem! I had an email the other day from a mom to let me know that she found my “bullying, mental, and physical impact” blog post while searching for information on online child safety and cyberbullying. Evidently, her daughter had an incident at school and she was looking for…
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Travel Insurance Can Protect Your Trip!

Freedom rings my friends. With restrictions easing, people are once again setting their sights on traveling. Thank you for reaching out with this great add on for my post “10 Safe Places For Female Solo Travel During Covid-19”, they wanted to add their “9 Best Travel Insurance Companies of 2021” to the post. After…
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Why You Identify YOUR Target Audience

When a social media marketer, marketing designer, or website master gets involved in your project, the first thing they want to know is “Who Is Your Target Audience?” The most common words I hear are, “Everyone!” No! The way you speak to a teenager vs. a parent or grandparent, athlete, fashion model, or teacher, is…
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An Entrepreneur Does NOT Follow The Crowd!

Entrepreneurs Do Not Follow The Crowd! Think of it this way. Most entrepreneurs have been an employee for most of their working lives. This creates the mindset of “doing things a certain way” and yes, this makes sense. The employer has their own way of doing things, their rules, and their processes. Employees need this.…
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