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Helping you stand out with unique creative solutions 

I’d describe myself as someone who is not afraid to go against the flow. “YES!” It is important to master the basics.  However, to be successful as an entrepreneur you need to stand out.  You need to create a unique impression, share consistent quality content that matches your brand and vision. This will help to earn the trust of your potential and exisitng clients.

It isn’t about the sale my friends, it is so much deeper than that. It is all about building a relationship built on trust. Trust can be earned in many ways including:
     * Providing Quality Content
     * Great Tips
     * And Growing Your Network.
It is also important to utilize the unique skills within that network by delegating tasks to other people when those tasks are a good fit for their skillset and perhaps effective time management.

Finding time to continue learning isn’t easy and takes discipline.  I listen to Entrepreneurs On Fire when I am walking Sir Riley.

Killing two birds with one stone (a metaphor) is the key. Hearing the stories of other entrepreneurs, the issues they have faced, and how they resolved them, which is often my motivation to keep on moving forward. 

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Software That Turns Your Posts Into Videos

With so many great tools available you can get quite creative in displaying your blog content ~ I happen to use Lumen 5.  For every new post I publish, a sample video appears. 

Do You Follow The Crowd?


Do you need new “Blog Articles?” How about website and social media networks updated? I specialize in WordPress editing, installing key WordPress plugins, (apps) for SEO & syncing blog posts to your social networks. 


Interested in a WordPress website? I am here to help. WordPress is the #1 CMS (Content Management System) on the internet today. Did you know that 40% of websites are WordPress?


Social Media is a great way to get your message out to the masses. Syncing is key. Adding apps to your cell or tablet is a plus. Sync Instagram with Facebook & your great picture or video can be instantly shared to both.

I Love Techbology
Finding Innovative Solutions is what I do best ~ helping you is my top priority

If you need help with: 
     * Blog Content
     * Editing
     * Website Revisions
     * Website Updates
     * Sync Blog Posts to Social Networks


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