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About Judy

A gathering of business tips for the Small Business Woman Entrepreneur


I Love Technology
finding innovative solutions is what I do best ~ helping “you” is my top priority! 

Helping You Tell Your Story to The People Who Need To Hear It … 

WordPress Web Design, Blogging (includes SEO compliance), Newsletters, Website Revisions, Website Updates, Content Writing, Article Writing 

Software That Turns Your Posts Into Videos

With so many great tools available you can get quite creative in displaying your blog content ~ I happen to use Lumen 5.  For every new post I publish, a sample video appears. 

Do You Follow The Crowd?


Do you need new “Blog Articles?”  I specialize in WordPress editing, installing key WordPress plugins, (apps) for SEO & syncing blog posts to your social networks. A great tip – post on WordPress &. your social networks are updated too.


Interested in a WordPress website? I am here to help. WordPress is the #1 CMS (Content Management System) on the internet today. Did you know that 43% of internet websites are WordPress? That means that approximately 810. Million sites are using WordPress.

Freelance Writer  

I joined a great online publication, Medium in 2021. I wasn’t serious about writing articles, but I hung in there. Took some training, joined different publications from within Medium and started writing. If you need someone to write for you just send an email to:

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