About Judy

Judy Musgrove and Riley

“Helping You Tell Your Story To The People Who Need To Hear It!” 

  • Why do clients choose your business (you) over the competition?
  • How are you different?
  • What is the one thing that you stand out for?
  • Why are you in business for yourself?
  • What is your story?

Boomers come with many skill sets and it is very easy to get distracted or off course.

Have you questioned your business practices? Have you questioned why you were in business and if you weren’t at the level you thought you should be?

Acknowledging the fact that there is a problem in your business is the first step to moving forward. Being open-minded, seeking out different viewpoints, taking a class or listening to podcasts to help you figure out the answers to the questions you are asking is creative and brave!

Being frustrated and wanting to move forward is the key to change. This is what I have figured out:

  • The type of client I strive for, the innovator, the creative, the open-minded individual who thinks outside the box, is continually learning and striving for uniqueness.
  • The client doesn’t follow the crowd. They figure out what their one unique option is that is key to their business. They need to be different than their competitors.
  • The client who is continually learning, growing, trying new techniques.
  • The client that is true to their word – when they say something is free – they truly mean that – you do not have to fill out a form to get to the free item.

I have a mentor ~ someone who is really helping me figure out my signature program and grow my business utilizing digital marketing and creative solutions. Helping you strive for uniqueness, quality content, and business success by “Telling Your Story To The People Who Need To Hear It” is what Cover to Cover has to offer.

To reach me: email judyscontentwriting@gmail.com