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The Future of the MBA

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The Future of the MBA

Future of MBA

The Future of the MBA has transitioned to online learning. Originally, I posted the article below “The Future of the MBA” in July 2019. This article refers to the “Best Colleges” for on-campus learning. While online learning has been around for some time, the Pandemic brought online and remote jobs to the forefront. For those wanting to advance their career in the business world, online learning may offer you additional flexibility.


Our 2nd Option:

  • “Preparing For An MBA” from John Grant, at

During the 2019–20 admissions cycle, 70% of U.S-based MBA programs reported increases in applications from the previous cycle. An online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree prepares students to pursue some of the most rewarding careers in the business world, often with a more flexible approach than on-campus programs.

With more people than ever applying for MBA programs, our experts at Bankrate created this resource that breaks down everything potential students need to know about applying to an online MBA program.


Our 1st Option:

  • From Karen Weber ~ the Outreach Coordinator from Best Colleges. Technology is growing in leaps and bounds, the way we do things today isn’t the way we did them 20 years ago – heck not even 10 years ago!

Enjoy! The Future of the MBA

We’d like to share with you our profile on the future of business education, The Future of the MBA. This piece contains information critical to those with interest in the business climate – especially the readership of Cover To Cover. We know the trends and interests of the next generation of business students bear weight on the performance of the industry, and to keep current with them means to better prepare both industry and students for long-term success.

“The very nature of work is changing … so the way we educate and train future leaders and employees will have to change in parallel.” – C. Tad. Brinkerhoff, Director of MBA Programs, University of Illinois

The Future of the MBA covers the topic of business education from a current standpoint, looking at the future of its landscape. It’s written by an expert researcher in the industry. Students, teachers, and business media managers looking for expert advice from the blogs of field professionals depend upon the sites of local business leaders and communicators like Cover To Cover for this kind of information regarding career climate.

GEN-X Just Crash - Too Much Brain Activity

Our goal:

  • To spread the most current news about business academics that we can.  Warm regards,

Karen Weber | Outreach Coordinator
BestColleges | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
901 5th Avenue, Suite 3220 | Seattle, WA 98164

At BestColleges we believe that dream jobs start with dream schools, which is why we provide students with direct connections to schools and programs suited to their educational goals. As a trusted education advisor, we also host free college planning, financial aid, and career resources to help all students get the most from their education and prepare for life after college.

From Judy:

The graduates of today are entering an entirely different field of expertise. The difference – growing up with technology. Even their parents were not exposed to technology the way the graduates of today are. At 19, I entered the computer industry as a keypunch operator. Working my way as a (coder) (modifying the program so I could key faster) to becoming a Software Test Engineer for HP.

Both Options are excellent resources:

Thank you, Karen Weber and John Grant for your combined expertise. The Future of the MBA whether it is online or on-campus learning are great resources for our audience.

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