This Site is under Renovation

Thank you for your patience – I am working on getting this site straightened out – after doing some much-needed maintenance, I discovered that the original theme I was using was no longer being supported – which means no ongoing updates for the theme.

I then discovered that some of my favorite plugins had been discontinued. I work very hard to keep my site and my clients’ sites secure, all sites that I maintain have encryption, (SSL Certificate). I keep all files updated with the latest updates. It wasn’t until I installed Wordfence that I discovered that some of my plugins were no longer supported. Not only have I had to delete those plugins, but I am researching for newer plugins with the same functions as the older ones.

This is one big pain in the rear. Naturally, it is taking me a bit longer, since I have to update things I may as well have an updated look and feel and get this right before I publish everything! If you need to get ahold of me in the interim, please just message me through Facebook or LinkedIn.

Judy Musgrove