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How to Keep Kids and Teens Safe Online

I am very concerned about the internet atrocities that are running rampant and I know that the more everyone including parents and teachers know about this subject matter ~ the more we can help keep our kids and teens safe.

A Series of Thoughts . . .

In “A Series of Thoughts” I didn’t realize you could embed Linkedin Posts! I knew you could embed Instagram Posts – so what started out as LinkedIn great affirmations turned into a sharing of Instagram posts as well. Are you tired of the negativity? Are you tired of others putting people down? Well, I am.…
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Business Tips That You Should Not Follow

Business Tips that you should NOT follow!  By Patrick Del Rosario “Nobody knows anything.” Screenwriter William Goldman wrote that line in his 1983 book in reference to the fact that Hollywood never really knows whether a film will succeed or fail until after it’s been released, but it’s easy to see how it can be…
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The Future of Business Education

The Future of the MBA …

Lens on Wood

It may seem strange to some readers to find an article touching on metaphysics in a magazine on guitar making; it will also seem perfectly appropriate to others that such a topic be included.

Hands of God

The metaphysics of the guitar has to do with “that extra something” that’s intangible and possibly even indefinable. Some guitars have it. Some don’t. It is variously called “the magic,” “the soul,” “the allure,” and so on, even though these terms can be elastic and elusive. None of this is exactly news to anyone who…
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