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Your Home-Based Business is Growing! Time To Upsize!

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Your Home-Based Business is Growing! Time To Upsize!

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Owning a successful home business is no mean feat. But what do you do when your home business begins taking over your home? Some owners decide to move into a traditional office space. If that’s not for you, maybe it’s time to consider upsizing your house, so you have room for work and life in a new, bigger space. Today, Judy’s Business Blog offers some tips and resources to make upsizing as quick and painless as possible.

Finding the Perfect Home

Before you begin searching, take some time to think about the things you’d really like to have in your new home. What do you require for your business? Maybe you want extra space, a private entrance, or additional bathrooms. Also, consider the things you want for your living space, such as an open concept floor plan or a gourmet kitchen. Once you’ve figured out your list of non-negotiables and preferences, contact a real estate agent. They know what’s available and what’s coming to market soon, so they can help you find the perfect place to fit your needs.

Buying Your New Home

Once you’ve found the ideal place, you’ll need to put in an offer. Before this, consider getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Not only does preapproval help you understand your own budget, but it also makes your offer more attractive to sellers. They know you’re capable of getting the financing for the offer you make and are more willing to work with you. Preapproval also expedites the process once your offer is accepted and it’s time to complete your purchase.

Making the Move

Now that you have the home you want, it’s time to get there! Luckily, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Simply search online for “short distance moving companies near me,” request a quote, and also check out ratings and reviews to make sure you’re getting the best deal from a reputable company.

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Settling Into Your New Home Office

Once your offer is accepted and the paperwork is done, it’s time to settle in. This is a great time to upgrade your home office. If you’re in a bigger space, you may need to purchase additional furniture. As you arrange things, keep productivity in mind. Make sure you have separate areas for different tasks and everything you need for that task is located within arm’s reach. This may mean buying duplicates of some materials to be stocked in different areas.

Business Updates

If you’ve moved very far, you may need to update business licensing or other forms, along with updating your address across agencies and social media. If you haven’t already incorporated your business or structured it as a limited liability company, now’s a great time to consider an LLC. It offers many advantages, is flexible, and limits your personal liability. An online formation service can help you out quickly and inexpensively and should be aware of varying laws in different states and cities. Another consideration is insurance. Regular homeowner’s insurance covers structures, theft, and some injuries.

However, it rarely covers businesses operated within the home, so you likely need an additional policy. While you’re adding coverage, consider a home warranty as well. It’s annually renewable and covers the breakdown of electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems in your house and can even cover appliance repairs.

Moving into a larger home grants many benefits and may even allow you to observe a healthier work-life balance by keeping things separated. Enjoy your bigger space and business success in your new home.

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