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Marketing Basics:

A gathering of business tips for the Small Business Woman Entrepreneur

Marketing Basics:

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How To Be Your Own Marketing Department . . . . .

As an entrepreneur, Marketing Basics are key. You wear many hats. In addition to being the idea creator and personal accountant, you also need to learn how to advertise your products and become your own marketing department of sorts. It may be a daunting task but with some insight and education, you can learn the terms and best practices to help make your business a success. Here at Judy’s Business Blog, we love to help women entrepreneurs thrive, so we have some advice on how to make the most of your personal marketing efforts.

Define Your Strategy and Marketing Channels

In order to effectively promote your product, you have to create a well-defined marketing strategy. There are many different strategies that you can try, and they could include anything from spreading the word of your products on social media, volunteering to speak at local business groups, or co-marketing with another business, among other options.

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Along with defining your strategy, you also need to make a decision on which marketing channels you will focus on to spread the word about your product. There are several tried and true marketing channels that have worked for years, including direct selling, digital advertisements, email marketing, and SEO.

The key is to determine which channel is best for your product and business. If you have a digital product, then you may want to focus on the online space. If you have a physical product or something that requires more explanation, then direct selling (where a salesperson speaks directly to customers) may be best. You can use more than one marketing channel to advertise your product.

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Next, you will need to think about your messaging approach. In essence, messaging is how a company talks about itself and the value it provides. When you think about messaging, you will want to answer the what, who, and why of your company and products. What is the goal of your advertising? Who is your audience? Why should customers decide to buy from your company when they have so many options?

You don’t necessarily need to be long-winded when it comes to your messaging as being succinct is a good way to keep your goals on track. Look at your company and write down some clear and concise sentences that will showcase your product in the best light possible while also telling your audience everything they need to hear to make an informed decision. Your messaging should also always include a call to action like “visit this link” or “register now” so you can more easily get your customers through the door.

Look At Your Results

Take your time to create a detailed marketing strategy and the perfect messaging for your customers and then release your plan out into the wild. After you get out the message, run analytics and determine if your strategy is working. One way to determine if you are finding success is to look at metrics on your website, such as your bounce rate. How long are people staying on your website? If they are only there for a few seconds and then quickly leave, then you need to look at your marketing strategy and decide whether your words are matching the expectations of your product.

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There are many signs that your marketing is not working, such as a lack of sales conversions, limited engagement from your audience, or that you are not meeting your sales objectives. Don’t worry. You haven’t failed. Instead, you just need to go back to your strategy and make the proper tweaks and try it again. As you can see, there are steps that you can take to become your own marketing department and bring your company to the next level. If, at first, you don’t succeed, then try, try again. If you need more advice about marketing or business in general, contact Judy at

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