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The Future of the MBA

The Future of the MBA …

Online Child Safety ~ Cyber Bullying ~ Privacy ~ Social Media

Online Child Safety ~ A Real Problem! I had an email the other day from a mom to let me know that she found my “bullying, mental, and physical impact” blog post while searching for information on online child safety and cyberbullying. Evidently, her daughter had an incident at school and she was looking for…
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Travel Insurance Can Protect Your Trip!

Freedom rings my friends. With restrictions easing, people are once again setting their sights on traveling. Thank you for reaching out with this great add on for my post “10 Safe Places For Female Solo Travel During Covid-19”, they wanted to add their “9 Best Travel Insurance Companies of 2021” to the post. After…
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Why You Identify YOUR Target Audience

When a social media marketer, marketing designer, or website master gets involved in your project, the first thing they want to know is “Who Is Your Target Audience?” The most common words I hear are, “Everyone!” No! The way you speak to a teenager vs. a parent or grandparent, athlete, fashion model, or teacher, is…
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An Entrepreneur Does NOT Follow The Crowd!

Entrepreneurs Do Not Follow The Crowd! Think of it this way. Most entrepreneurs have been an employee for most of their working lives. This creates the mindset of “doing things a certain way” and yes, this makes sense. The employer has their own way of doing things, their rules, and their processes. Employees need this.…
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The 10 best places for female solo travel during Covid-19

“Million Mile Secrets” Traveling Solo . . . “Million Mile Secrets” The 10 best places for female solo travel during Covid-19 is full of great information. Million Mile Secrets came into my inbox by mistake. I got an email about sharing this site on my blog – the problem was, it wasn’t my blog they…
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The Entrepreneur’s Cheat Sheet:

The Entrepreneur’s Cheat Sheet Explained: Simple Tips For Enhancing Your Business . . . It’s a simple fact that entrepreneurship is far from an easy path. Ask any small business owner to talk about the struggles of keeping a company afloat, you might be in for hours of conversation. Present circumstances have proven that being…
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5 Steps to Help You Reduce Anxiety

5 Steps to Help You ~ Reduce Anxiety Finding ways to Reduce Anxiety will only help us all get through this trying time. Covid-19 set things off ~ then we have the huge fires, our firefighters and all of the people fighting and rescuing others, our medical staff, and workers (many past the “exhaustion stage”…
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Credit Card Companies Are NOT Your Friend!

Credit Card Companies are NOT your friend! Why Credit card companies are not my or your friend. When you have no control over your own credit score, when your “makes payments on time” is at least 3 years old, they will find a way to either deny you credit or charge you the higher interest…
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