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Mental Health & Entrepreneurs

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Mental Health & Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Wear Many Hats

Mental Health & Entrepreneurs ~ we don’t talk about this much.

A few weeks ago, I was messing around in the podcast app on my iPhone and stumbled on the “Strange On Purpose” podcasts. (Strange on Purpose is a show hosted by misfits, entrepreneurs, and creatives. They interview some of the top minds on the planet; highlighting their stories, accomplishments, and delivering it to you in an actionable audio experience.)

The name alone drew my attention. I started listening to these podcasts each morning that Riley and I walked and I listened to “A Mental Health Experiment”.

I have been introduced to some great products and services and I love hearing about their journeys. The “Mental Health Experiment” podcast literally (at times) brought tears to my eyes. I could hear the pain in the entrepreneurs voices of the mental fight they conquer each and every day ~ all while working to succeed at their Entrepreneurial Venture.

What I realized after listening to this podcast was this: “We really don’t talk about our trials and tribulations as entrepreneurs.” We tend to gloss over those areas and promote how entrepreneurship just may be the answer to our job market search. Truth be told ~ it is NOT all positive ~ the list below explains who “my target audience or market is”:

  • Boomer Market ~ wasn’t raised with a smart phone in hand.
  • 1-2 person (former employee) Entrepreneur.
  • Self funding Entrepreneurs
  • All have entrepreneurial skills ~ but they have always been an employee.
  • Laid off ~ forced to take an early retirement
  • Go getters – they have taken their side hobby and are turning it into a business venture ~ which (as a hobby) has been successful in bringing in extra income.
  • Dreamers ~ they dream of making their own schedule ~ earning their way with their own business
  • They are the business! Talk about wearing many hats! These entrepreneurs have solidified that statement “Wearing many hats!”

As an Entrepreneur, we become all aspects of our business ~ we live, breath, sleep and dream all about business. But it takes its toll. We absolutely cannot be the best at everything!

Yes, we need to understand and have a woking knowledge of all aspects of the business, but we don’t have to be an expert.

Bottom line ~ we need help!

Let’s talk issues / problems:

  • Time Management ~ there are only 24 hours in one day! Yet as an entrepreneur, you feel like you don’t have enough time.
  • Office ~ turning that extra room into an office, or transforming a corner of the garage into a workable space for you should be your #1 goal.
  • Set your working time – just like you do when going to work ~ you are going to work – but you are in your home –
  • Family ~ setting your work schedule is key ~ yes, you have flexibility here – but the biggest issue is your family members taking your business seriously – they see you home – so they think that you are accessible ~ make sure that you let them know that from 9-12 do not disturb me unless it is an emergency.
  • Accounting ~ set up a separate checking account for your business. Do not use your personal checking for your business funding. Put dollars from the personal account into the business checking – if you are a sole proprietor you don’t need a “Bank Business Checking” account – you just need a 2nd checking account.
  • Pay all business expenses from your 2nd checking account – reimburse funds from the personal as needed.
  • Budget – make it simple – you don’t need a complex budget – but you need one – you will have marketing, office supplies, consulting, office equipment / software, etc. Do not skimp on your image! You will need marketing materials – logo, ads, internet, website, etc.
  • Business Plan ~ I like to call it a Marketing Plan – why? When an entrepreneur hears “business plan” they freak ~ so I call it a Marketing Plan ~ it is simpler but has the components of the business plan
  • Goals ~ Mission Statement ~ Target Audience (please do not tell me it is everyone! While “everyone” would benefit from your product or service, you do have a target audience (who do you relate with the most?)
  • Target Audience ~ define them – age range, social media, spending, are they internet savvy? Click here for a great article on help with defining your target audience
  • Look up “Score” – this is a great organization – it’s the largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, who are dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals. I attended so many different classes at my local Score here in the Sacramento area – it saved my bacon many times!

Last but not least ~ Mental Health & Entrepreneurs these are your own personal road blocks ~ questioning yourself at all levels ~ hearing nothing but negativity from the people you are around ~ being told to get a real job (as if this isn’t a real job!) We all have personal barriers to overcome – but what I can tell you is this:

  • Get involved with a group of positive people – Score has mentorship ~ use it!
  • Read great books for business – join Goodreads it is a social network of authors and book lovers.
  • When you connect on different social media networks ~ join the groups that will help you grow and learn ~ give positive feedback to problems that come up – and please know – there are other social media networks out there – Facebook, isn’t the only one! Click here to see the 65+ Social Networking Sites You Need To Know About!

There is so much more, but this is a great start ~ Really defining your target audience is key! This will help you join the social media networks that they reside on! Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

It is so important to maintain “Good Vibe Mental Health” ~ hold onto your dream, your goals, don’t let others talk you out of it ~ know that you can make it ~ expect those road bumps ~ be honest about issues and seek out creative ways to handle Mental Health & Entrepreneur problems.

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