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The Entrepreneur’s Cheat Sheet:

The Entrepreneur’s Cheat Sheet Explained: Simple Tips For Enhancing Your Business . . . It’s a simple fact that entrepreneurship is far from an easy path. Ask any small business owner to talk about the struggles of keeping a company afloat, you might be in for hours of conversation. Present circumstances have proven that being…
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4 Business Hubs in the US to Move Your Startup HQ too…

Moving a startup’s HQ isn’t uncommon. Some entrepreneurs do it as part of scaling, while others want to explore a different market, a few want to be in startup-friendly locations. If you’re thinking of doing the same, you’ll need to first identify business hubs where your startup will most likely thrive. The following four are…
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The Successful Entrepreneur embraces change, brainstorms for new solutions, surrounds themself with experts in the area they are weak ~ listens to constructive criticism & networks with like-minded Entrepreneurs.

Embracing Change is a Strength in Entrepreneurs … Do you kick, scream, or throw a tantrum when change comes into play? Are you one of those “We have always done it this way ~ type of people?” If you are, I have to ask, “why are you in business for yourself?” Do you like to…
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Mental Health & Entrepreneurs

Mental Health & Entrepreneurs ~ we don’t talk about this much. A few weeks ago, I was messing around in the podcast app on my iPhone and stumbled on the “Strange On Purpose” podcasts. (Strange on Purpose is a show hosted by misfits, entrepreneurs, and creatives. They interview some of the top minds on the…
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Great Advice for Us Entrepreneurs

Watch and learn my friends – I have found that because we are small business entrepreneurs, we tend to get hung up on many things – one of them is literally thinking and knowing and acknowledging that you are the entrepreneur – not the worker be –

Small Businesses NOT Leveraging Online Tools For Growth!

Small businesses not leveraging online tools for business growth

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