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Embracing Change . . .

A gathering of business tips for the Small Business Woman Entrepreneur

Embracing Change . . .

The successful entrepreneur embraces change, brainstorms for new solutions, surrounds themself with experts in the area they are weak ~ listens to constructive criticism & networks with like-minded Entrepreneurs.

Embracing Change is a Strength in Entrepreneurs …

Do you kick, scream, or throw a tantrum when change comes into play? Are you one of those “We have always done it this way ~ type of people?” If you are, I have to ask, “why are you in business for yourself?”

Do you like to brainstorm? Do you like to kick different idea’s around to come up with different solutions to an issue you are having? Are you part of a networking community (either online or offline) to exchange ideas, problem-solve, accept constructive criticism to grow your products or services?

Years ago I came across a quote from Warren Buffet ~ it made me think and really impressed me back then as it continues to do to this day ~, in essence, he surrounds himself with people who are experts in the areas he is weak. Something this simple says so much ~ This is how he continues to learn and grow. He is 89 years old and still going strong! Surrounding yourself with broke people and listening to their opinions will not help you succeed and grow your business.

Identifying key issues in your small business is imperative. Below, I touched on a few issues that I feel we all need to clarify:

Figuring out your “True Target Market” is key in promoting, selling, helping, and engaging with your clientele. I can honestly attest to this: Other Small Business Entrepreneurs find it very hard to answer the question “Who is your target audience?” Actually, I am baffled that:

  • Because their product or service is broad-based, they will answer “everyone” ~ when in fact that isn’t correct. Not everyone will be interested in purchasing or using your products or services. If you have to ask additional questions to find out what they are promoting, and to whom, they invariably have lost the sale.
  • Breaking things down to a specific group can be daunting ~ I like to approach it with this question; “Who do you talk to with ease?” Then I go into demographic ~ Demographic information examples include: age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, education, and employment ~ Your target market should include people who share similar demographic characteristics.
  • While your product or service can include a very broad range of people, you need to define who you are most comfortable talking to. Who is the person that will look at you and see something in you that connects with them? What makes you the expert in their eyes?

How are you gaining knowledge to help your business grow?

I get it! You are a 1 person small business ~ you wear multiple hats in that business so when are you going to have time to network or take a class?

I have to ask you this; “How can you stay competitive, learn the latest changes in social media/internet marketing if you don’t take a few moments a couple of times a week to devote a segmented time frame to your learning? Honestly, I found this very hard. I valued my walking time in the mornings with Riley ~ this was ‘Me” time. When I don’t have someone to walk with, I fire up the podcasts and off I go.

Learning Time:

  1. Podcasts are mind-blowing! Social Media Examiner Podcasts ~ it all started with this one podcast and my list is growing. Listening and walking ~ satisfies both me time & learning.
  2. Apps for our Smart Phones ~ a great way to make your life easier. The Social Media Examiner Podcasts, Michael Stelzner always begins with Erik Fisher’s ~ Discovery of the Week ~ an example; “Stories Creator” a desktop browser-based tool from Buffer, you can create content for Facebook or Instagram Stories in batches.

Why aren’t “Your” Facebook posts not showing up in your connections feeds?

Algorithms ~ All social networks use Algorithms ~ Social media algorithms are a way of sorting posts in a users’ feed based on relevancy instead of publishing time. Social networks prioritize which content a user sees in their feed first by the likelihood that they’ll actually want to see it.

Since Mark Zuckerberg’s 2018 announcement that the Facebook algorithm will prioritize “meaningful interactions” from friends and family over content from brands, people have seen a decline in organic post reach. Click here to learn more about how Facebook Algorithms work.

From Michael Stelzner ~ Social Media Marketing ~ “If you’re not investing in Facebook ads and are instead relying on organic posts, you’re fighting a battle against an algorithm that will crush you. It will make sure your content is never seen until you’re forced to spend more money as the marketplace gets more competitive.”

Interested in seeing how Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn handle their algorithms? Click right here. I summarized it below:

  • Facebook ~ Prioritizes Meaningful Interactions
  • Instagram ~ Features Newest Posts First
  • Twitter ~ Puts Personal Relevance Before Timeliness
  • LinkedIn ~ Presents Updates By Individual Relevance

Entrepreneurs schedule their day the best they can, be open to change, network, build, write, promote, and multi-task. In my mind, it isn’t the dollar amount you earn or make, it is the quality content that you share. It is meaningful relationships, thinking outside the box, and surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Remember, Successful Entrepreneurs embrace change, brainstorms for new solutions, surround themselves with experts in the area they are weak ~ listens to constructive criticism & network with like-minded Entrepreneurs.

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