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There is more Social Networks than the famous 5. When you sign in with your Facebook login, Facebook now has additional information on you. Your own internet provider is tracking your IP address. The wealth of different social networks is mind boggling. Why people think that Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest are the only networks out there is beyond me. Yes, these mentioned networks have been around for some time, and in all fairness, each of them have their strengths.

Writing gives me joy.

Blogging and Website creation fulfill that design aspect that I crave. I get bored doing repetitive things. I am looking, researching and exploring writing opportunities, and communities. Finding Medium and The Writing Cooperative are challenging, enlightening and fun. I learn from doing. Submitting my articles is a great way to learn what the audience likes and doesn't like. Writing to my audience is key, but figuring out who that audience is can be difficult.

Medium ~ Where Unique Idea's Expand

Enters 'Medium' ~ an online publishing platform where compelling ideas, knowledge and perspective shine. I love this network! I downloaded the app on my iPhone and after reading many stories and looking around I became a member. Then I decided that I would become a Partner! Being a partner on Medium, allows me to earn money on the articles that I write. Income - is based off of the popularity of the article (how many people have read that article)

Medium, led me to the "Writing Cooperative" a writing community and publication focused on helping each other write better. I became a member and an author for the community.

The Writing Cooperative has an active team on 'Slack'. I am still learning to navigate on Slack. I now feel, I am in the right spot to learn from others ~ expand my knowledge ~ and help me become a better writer.

But something was still missing! I sat at my computer and started researching for content writing courses. I found an online Content Writing course from the University of California (Davis) for $49. Once this course is completed, I will earn my certification in Content Writing.

I was floundering. I wanted to move in a different direction - I love graphic design, & web design, but I love writing too. Because of the internet, we miss out on that touchy feely sort of networking. It's a little hard reading body language through words written. I have known from the beginning that we have to tell our story - but how we tell that story has changed.

My tag line has always been 'Helping You Tell Your Story To The People Who Need To Hear It!' I bring out a clients uniqueness. I work at differentiating them from the rest of the competition ~ but now words matter even more! A huge thank you goes to Brandon Hintz, whom I met on linked in. The founder of 'The Now Academy'. I have signed up for Brandon's course, and it was he who pointed out my strength.

There are over ~ 1,518,207,412 websites in the World as of January 2019.

Growing organically is going by the wayside. Yes, we need to fine tune our profiles, our marketing strategies, and our content creation. I met Trace from Trulata Solutions through my oldest son Chad. Trulata Solutions has made me realize the importance of SEO and algorithms, (that is one of their specialties). I help my clients get to a certain point in their content creation, their verifications and directory listings. I then turn them over to Trulata Solutions. Trace takes them through the next steps that are needed if they want to fulfill their business goals.

Being an entrepreneur simply means that you are responsible for all aspects of your business. I read an interview that Warren Buffett gave and these words simply stayed with me. Warren's success, "surrounding myself with leaders in the areas I am weakest in." This was so profound! He has a team of "Leaders!" What a concept.

So my friends, sit back, think about the direction you are going in. Are you challenging yourself? Or are you staying where it is safe? Growing, Learning moving to the next phase is where I am at. Please join me "where words matter!"

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