How to Keep Kids and Teens Safe Online

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How to Keep Kids and Teens Safe Online!

By Peter Selmeczy

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Thank you Peter and (John from Top VPN Canada Team) (for bringing my attention to your great articles.  Introducing, Peter Selmeczy,  Author of “A Guide to Internet Safety, How To Keep Kids and Teens Safe Online”.  and from the “Top VPN Canada Team” whose article Internet Safety Tips for Kids (25 Tips That Every Parent Must Know)”.  I am very concerned about the internet atrocities that are running rampant and I know that the more everyone including parents and teachers know about this subject matter ~ the more we can help keep our kids and teens safe.

I am also a techie – and  I am simply appalled at the crap that is happening online.  From Cyberbullying to Cyberstalking – having malware run rampant on home computers / laptops – how kids and adults alike get tricked into clicking on a link and or filling out online information – internet porn, child porn, sex offenders etc.

The internet is a great tool – and like all things there are those that want to ruin it for others – I was shocked at some of the statistics that Peter shared:

  • Over 50% of young people report having been bullied online in some form
  • 15% of teenagers admit to being cyberbullies themselves
  • One in Seven “youth internet users” have received “unwanted sexual solicitations online.” That means three or four young people out of every average classroom
  • 11% of teenagers say they have “shared naked pictures of themselves online or via text message.”
  • The image of a pedophile posing as a child in a chatroom remains a valid one (with 76% of related sex crimes beginning in such an online environment). However, parents should also be aware that only 5% of predators lie about their ages (according to a US study). Many openly state their intentions (and reveal their ages) to impressionable teenagers.

Another great resource for you to explore:  This one is from “The Top VPN Canada Team” ~ a comprehensive article on Internet Safety Tips for Kids (25 Tips That Every Parent Must Know)

There is a wealth of great information out there to help us protect our kids ~ and I love it when people ask me to share their information ~ do me a favor – please read the following:

Both of these articles are full of great information ~ Please share this post – share the links provided and let your networks know that this subject is very important to share and explore.  The more we know and understand the better we can protect our youth.  

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