A Series of Thoughts . . .

A Series of Thoughts

In "A Series of Thoughts" I didn't realize you could embed Linkedin Posts! I knew you could embed Instagram Posts - so what started out as LinkedIn great affirmations turned into a sharing of Instagram posts as well.

Are you tired of the negativity? Are you tired of others putting people down? Well, I am. I start each day with a walk with Riley - my Sharpei - and you know what? It prepares me for anything that comes my way that day!

Yep, I decided that I needed to take care of me first. Yes, I want to be successful in the respect that I am supporting myself totally - but if I don't take care of me I won't be able to support myself.

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Just had to share!

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I listen to "Strange On Purpose" podcast.

On our walks each morning, I put that ear plug in my ear and press play! Strange On Purpose is a great podcast - they talk and interview other entrepreneurs - their struggles, their triumphs, their tears ~ but the one thing that everyone says is this:

FOLLOW YOUR PASSION! Really define that passion - don't listen to anyone else, but take that passion, bottle it up and sprinkle a little out each day.

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I spend a lot of time fine tuning your Internet Presence. Why? Because being consistent all across the board is key! Here's a little tip: Use the same branding image across all of your internet networks. Optimize each social media profile with consistent keywords and information about you. Yes, you can modify the profile info a bit (to coincide with the social network you belong to. But it needs to be relevant and informative!

How are you Unique? What is your dream, your passion? Who do you relate to? Are you a decision maker or are you a follower. I love what I do ~ but my passion is my digital magazine - putting this front and center is a challenge ~ but it has never ventured too far away from my purpose.


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