Do You Still Dream?

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Do you Dream? Are you following your passion? What are you doing to bring your purpose to the forefront? You may know what you want to do, but do you know how to make it happen?

What if life just gets in the way? You have to get a job, you have to pay the rent – your financial status has changed and your dream, your passion, your purpose is put on hold. Your friends and family tell you that you need to get that job that your idea, dream, and or passion isn’t going to work.

Sound familiar? Why do you get up each day? Do you wake up with a smile or do you wake up dreading getting ready for work. Lately, I have found myself asking key questions. There is more to life then the mundane of getting ready for work 5 days a week.

Whether you have come out of retirement or gone thru an illness that set you back, you still have reservations about pursuing your dream or passion because you have to make a living.

I write a lot about following the crowd. I discourage it at all costs. I continually ask how are you unique? What is it about your project, your dream, your purpose that people will be interested in?

It isn’t easy standing out in the crowd, voicing your opinion, saying “no” when you need to. It also isn’t easy figuring out your dream, passion or purpose. To really sit down and figure out how you want to make something you have such a high belief in to happen.

This is exactly what I have been doing. Questioning myself, figuring out how to reserve some energy so I can work on my passion – finding a balanced line where I can still have me time but still earn that living and pursue my passion.

4 years ago “Elegance” Digital Magazine was born. I wanted a place for our youth and young adults to go to – to read the stories of other youth and adults who took a problem they saw and came up with a solution – that was smarter, more efficient, and just flat amazing.

We showcased other women who paved the way for our youth and young adults to follow – creating an easier pathway for like minded youth – to help them realize that they certainly are not alone.

Last but not least – we worked on showcasing each persons uniqueness, drive, and motivations. I was horrified at the messages that were being put out there for our youth and young adults – the message of beauty was one of fabrication – not realism. I worked at conveying the message that “Beauty comes from within!” Every single person has a uniqueness that radiates from within. My definition of beauty is; Kindness, compassion, caring, smart, not being one of the crowd.

Even if your Dreams have been placed on hold, don’t keep them tucked away – take them out, brush them off and move towards them one step at a time.

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