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I don’t know about you, but I find that the challenges that we face – whether it is business or personal tell us a lot about ourselves.  I am striving to be in the best health I can be in.  It isn’t always easy – and sometimes the body just  aches all over!  Inspiring ourselves to go that extra mile, that extra step, that extra block will totally give us the boost that we need.

Do you sit back and reflect on your life?  Where you are at now, versus where you were?  Do you shake your head and know that wow!  If you had known what you know now – how much more successful you would be?

What are you striving for?  Forget business for now – think about your personal life – are you striving to loose a few pounds?  How about walking that extra couple of miles?  Getting ready to get on that bike and ride up a hill that you know is hard to do?  Challenge, Determination, Reflection

I am inspired by the many different people that continually give encouragement and support.  Recuperating from back surgery a year ago hasn’t been easy.  But my determination to not allow that to keep me down has been (at times) a struggle – no, the leg isn’t getting stronger as fast as I want it to!  Yet I am walking my fool little legs off!

But the one thing that I admire is my dear friends Ginny Macko and Virginia Wolfe.  Ginny, who has asthma and quit smoking about 4 years ago – is (recently retired) has never walked like we are doing now!  Virginia is totally determined to not let her body tell her that she can’t do something!  Though she can’t walk like Ginny and I, she can still do about 2-3 miles!

You know, sometimes we have to take the time to do things for ourselves.  To look into different avenues, go get that big ol’ book you have been wanting to read – and stretch out, get your iced tea – or protein shake and just sit and read!

Being in business for yourself – means actually having even more organization in your life – but it also means that you do not work a 9-5 job!  For me, I am organized – but I will plan my days – I usually sit down on Sunday evening and write things out in my daytime for the upcoming week.

Inspiration - Plant your seeds they will grow - jumping inSince I do a lot of computer work (that is the majority of my work) I will plan a day to do absolutely nothing but the computer!  That means I start about 9 in the morning and don’t stop until about 9 at night.  I call this my marathon time!  But what I do to reward myself for getting so much done?  The next day I don’t even turn on that computer!  I think you know that feeling!  I go and do what I want to do – it can be extra cleaning, or watering the yard or simply getting in my truck and going to Barnes and Noble – after my stop at Whole Foods for my Tropical Green smoothie!

The most successful entrepreneurs:

  • Go the extra mile
  • They challenge themselves in all that they do
  • They don’t see issues as problems – they see them as challenges
  • They own up to errors made – there are no excuses for the successful entrepreneur!

Remember, others are watching – you are the example to those all around you!  Value you!  Value your self worth and know that you are going to achieve those goals!  When you look in the mirror be proud of the reflection that you see!

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