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Blog Post Essentials

By Brandon Gaille - you know, Brandon here really has great information - not only do I love his visuals but the content he creates to go with the visual is authentic!  So let's explore a bit ok?

Blog Post Essentials - Judy's Business Blog

What is a Magnetic Headline?

An effective Magnetic Headline should:

  • Be USEFUL to the reader
  • Provide the reader with a sense of URGENCY
  • Convey the idea that the main benefit is somehow UNIQUE; and
  • Do all of the above in an ULTRA-SPECIFIC way

Often, a great headline has at least 3 of these qualities. This is recommended every time you check your draft headline. If it doesn't meet at least three qualities, look for other angles. Pretend to be the reader and ask yourself "What's in it for me if I click this?"   Look at what you wrote - "Will it stop a browsing audience to read your blog post?

  • Open with a BANG!  You do not want to loose the reader - Really think about what your topic is and I have found to do your best writing - you write from the heart!  You write from your own experience, your own excitement - your own feelings!
  • Use Persuasive Words . . .  So what is a Persuasive Word?  A Persuasive word is a word that will draw the prospect in - like "You" - for many things replace the "You" with their name - "Free" this is very persuasive but don't get carried away - you don't want to devalue your product or service - and you definitely do not want the "bargain hunter" when you are looking at making a sale.  "Because" this is interesting for me - giving people a reason to want more info is similar to answering "What's in it for me" - "Instantly" - ok, people want things to happen right now!  So this makes a bit of sense doesn't it?  Here is one last one to ponder - "NEW" people do want to be in on New things!
  • Write damn good sentences!  Ok, this is good - you don't have to be a great writer - but you do need to write compelling, exciting sentences
  • Insert Killer Bullet Points - yep - this helps!  You want to break up the written word - have you seen those articles where the information just runs all together?  There aren't paragraph breaks, no bullets, no images etc.  People do not have the time to sit and read your great info - especially if it isn't attractive enough to entice them to continue reading!
  • Creating those exquisite sub-heads!  Have large blocks of text?  This will turn your reader into a scanner - you want to turn them from a "scanner into a reader!" Use your mini headline to encourage your reader to continue to read!
  • Telling your seductive story!  Say what?  You need a "Hero", "A Goal", "An Obstacle", "A Mentor", and a "Moral!"  Hmmmm, this gives me something to think about - interesting!
  • Keep Attention with Internet Cliff Hangers!  A cliff hanger stitches your story together using emotions!  Now that I totally understand!
  • Choose an arresting image!  Yes!  Images speak a thousand words - let the image do some of your heavy lifting here - when you see an interesting image you look further - think of it that way!
  • Close in Style!  "The key to a successful ending is to understand where you are taking the reader before you write the article!"
  • Be Authentic!  "Yes!"  Write like you speak!  Your passion should come through!  I like this idea - record a conversation with yourself then turn around, listen and write what you said!  You see that spoken word?  You can here the excitement and passion coming from within you!  That is what you need to do on the blog post!

I know this is a bit long - but this information is really really good.  If something doesn't ring for you - look it up - Google search will tell you so many things - remember, keep in mind the "Blog Post Essentials" when you are writing your content.

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