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Twenty – the average number of Veterans that commit suicide each day! This just blows me away! Suicide in and of itself is horrific. For anyone to feel so alone, so depressed, who cannot see the light – only darkness, that saddens me completely. We live in a time when “Mental Illness” is considered a stigma ~ a taboo!

I am here to say that Mental Illness is just the title that is given to someone suffering from PTSD, depression, night terrors and the many other issues that have to do with our brain. I want to say to the Veteran “Please seek help,” whether it is from the VA or from another organization, people are here to help.

For a Veteran to return home and be expected to jump back into civilian life (as if they haven’t gone thru some horrific changes) is just totally unreasonable. They are changed ~ and they will never get back to the way things were ~ but with help, guidance and understanding, they may be able to live with their families and loved ones in a new way.

A.J. Signing his book

Another issue for our Veterans “Homelessness” ~ when they can’t fit back in to their previous lives ~ they turn to the streets. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) states that the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly 9% being female. The majority are single; live in urban areas; and suffer from mental illness, alcohol and / or substance abuse, or co-occuring disorders. About 11% of the overall adult homeless population are veterans.

Here’s another one. Not all of our 1st Responders, Police, EMT’s and other personnel are trained to identify someone having a PTSD attack – A.J. Perrish is on a mission to speak to these 1st Responders and educate them on the symptoms of PTSD ~ identifying and understanding the symptoms is key to less police shootings and end of life.

For some, ending up in prison, is key to either “pulling their lives together” or succumbing to helplessness feelings and depression. A.J. Perrish, Author of “The Wars Within” is a veteran who fought from within to not end his life. Being in prison, down in the hole, was the wake up call that A.J. needed. The prison pastor suggested to him to journal and or write. And that is what A.J. did. He started writing and writing and kept on writing! He found his faith in that prison hole and his faith is what has helped him thru the Night Terrors, PTSD episodes, and dealing with the mirage of illnesses and issues that he has suffered.

He is truly on a mission to help others. A.J. at his lowest, pulling himself up to publish a book and become a motivational speaker ~ speaks volumes. A.J. has had to deal with his childhood abuse and molestation, his illnesses (cancer), along with his Night Terrors and PTSD issues. Being someone that has been there is the type of person we all need to reach our children, other veterans, and people needing help.

The video below may put the image to the words that I have written above understanding where our Veterans are coming from is key ~ this way we can help them get the help that they need.

I feature different entrepreneurs on my blog – and A.J. Perrish is an entrepreneur ~ working at not only making his life better but the lives of his fellow Veterans as well. His website is undergoing renovation ~ if you are looking for motivational speakers ~ training for PTSD 1st Responders ~ or just want to say hi – you can email him at:

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