Valentine’s 2014

Happy Valentine's Day from Judy Musgrove


The part I love is being able to play on the computer - mostly I am working on the computer - but sometimes it is just fun to explore and have some fun!  So, I created this Valentine's Day slideshow for you all to see!  February is a great month for us!  There are three birthdays in this month - my niece Nicole, Toddly, my youngest son and Jimbo!  But the best thing of all is our anniversary!  It is on the 11th - I really wanted a Valentines Wedding, but Valentine's Day did not arrive on a Saturday in 1995!  

But I get two presents!  One for the anniversary and one for Valentine's Day!  Talk about lucky!  Do you subscribe to Groupon?  If you don't you are missing out.  I am not a big shopper, but I have been wanting a Jewelry Armoire  ( I think that is how you spell it!) and in my inbox came a Groupon special - yep, on these Jewelry Armoire's!  So, it was ordered and it has been shipped!  This anniversary, I am getting one!

Valentine's Day is a very special day!  Many places acknowledge this fine day - and offer all sorts of specials!  With Valentine's Day falling on a Friday, it is the perfect weekend get away to plan!


Have fun! No matter what!  


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