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I have to tell you that this is really a great slide show! You know the saying, "Pictures Speak A Thousand Words?" Well, this slide show "The Future of Social Media and It's Impact on Businesses" is something you Have to view!  This was written in 2010 and yet here it is 2014 and it is even more powerful today!  

  • Check this out - Companies with the HIGHEST level of social media activity grew sales by +18%
  • Companies with the least presence of social media showed a decline of 6%
  • Check out the slide on "Top 15 Countries on Facebook!"
  • Growth in Social Networking has been fueled by the transition from PC to Mobile!
  • Brand Experiences will be extended by blending physical space and digital content.
  • Video?  Wonder why you need to have a couple of intro videos?  Well, approximately 70% of global online consumers watch video online! 
  • The Emotional Power of Storytelling!  Tell me a fact and I'll Learn, but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever! 


What Are The Implications??????? For Businesses????
  • Adapt, change and embrace openness
  • Review their business processes
  • Understand they cannot have control - it's all about sharing

Ok, it is now January 2014 and small businesses all over have still not embraced the power of social media networks, connections, building a rapor and expertise online! ! Paying it forward, offering tips, joining groups and interacting with everyone!  Social Media is here to stay Entrepreneurs! 


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