10 Social Networks You Didn’t Know Your Kids Are Using

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Kim Komando is a great resource for everyone her latest article of (10 Social Networks You Didn’t Know Your Kids Are Using)  is Something that every Adult should read!  I subscribe to her newsletters and have for years!  Her latest bit of information is about the networks that your kids are using!  Kids and Social Networks

For those adults out there, it is hard enough to keep track of technology and understand what is going on!  Working parents and even stay at home parents may find things difficult to keep abreast of the latest and greatest technology! 

That is where Kim Komando comes in!  First, go to her website and sign up for her newsletters – her tips and tricks, her radio show – believe you me, you will be very glad that you have done this!

She explains things in an easy to understand format – and gives you links, instructions, and the latest info that is out there!  You can trust what she has to say! Click here to read her entire post – includes links for further understanding.

Here are the “TEN” Social Networks that Kim explains that you need to know about:

  1. Snapchat, widely nicknamed “the sexting app,” lets you take photos or record video and share them with friends. The gimmick is that images “self-destruct” seconds after they’ve been viewed.
  2. KiK -This free messaging app is rated 17+ in app stores, but it’s become popular with tweens and teens. Because users are known only by their Kik usernames, it’s supposed to offer a private way to chat.
  3. Tumblr is a blogging site that lets users share text, photo, video, quotes and audio posts
  4. Creepy – The name says it all!  It lets people pull geolocation data from photos to pinpoint EXACTLY where each picture was taken.
  5. Pheed – billed as a creative hangout where you can express yourself with text, photos, videos, audio tracks and voice-notes.
  6. Vine – is a free “micro-video” app that lets you create short, six-second video clips and then share them on social networking sites.
  7. Ask.FM – this social network is HUGE with teens in Europe and it’s starting to gain ground in the U.S.
  8. Oovoo – a free video chat service – works a lot like Skype and Apple’s Facetime.
  9. Path – a newer social network that lets you share text, photos and video with up to 150 friends.
  10. WhatsApp – A messenger app.  Let’s you send unlimited texts, videos, photos and short audio messages.

Click Here to go to Kim’s article on her site – the link takes you directly to the “10 Social Networks You Didn’t Know Kids Are Using” page.  Each network that is mentioned above has additional info and links.  I only knew of 2 out of the 10 Social Networks mentioned by Kim.  I don’t have kids at home now, I have grandchildren, but obviously, I need to stay updated in this area as well!  

I spend a lot of Internet Maze Abstract Social Networkstime on different adult social networks – but I am there for business and a bit of personal as well. I do know that what you post will stay there for a very long time.  Yes. you can have things removed, but it will not immediately remove it from the internet search engines.  

Think about this – the internet is one huge maze with millions and billions and trillions of information – the search engines do scan the internet to bring updated search information to the forefront – but this takes time, and even if you delete something – it isn’t going to immediately disappear – if you read the information for any respective search engine, they explain how long it will take for the identified item to actually be erased from the internet.

It is so important to understand what is happening today!  Subscribing to researched, quality, informational information is one way to keep abreast of what is going on!  If you are an entrepreneur, know the networks that your potential clients are using – in fact, Click here to see an entire list of Social Networks! The Wikipedia site names all of them from A to Z! Wikipedia Encyclopedia List of Social Networks

I knew there were a few dozen, but boy was I mistaken!  One of the things I do ask a client is: “What networks do your “Target Audience” belong to?”  I ask this for a very good reason.  I personally know that Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google are not the only networks out there. 

Yes, they are the MAIN Social Networks, but they aren’t the only ones!  Now, I am going to send this link to my clients and ask them to do a little research!

So Check Out Wikipedia – the link right above!  If any site knows of the different Social Networks, they do, then come back and answer my question! 

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