A Christmas Message

Wow Christmas is here!  Do you feel like I do?  Christmas is NEXT WEEK!  Like what????  You know, watching the delight in the children's eyes, seeing their huge smiles and excitement - that is what Christmas is.  For some, the joy of giving is what it means, for others, gathering to honor their religious beliefs and good will and for the rest?  Gathering with friends and family and watching the little ones open their presents with awe and excitement.  A Christmas Message

Yes, Christmas is magical - it is a time when people do come together and share.  The biggest gift that I receive comes from the connections that I have on my social networks. It boggles my mind at the wealth of information that is out there.

The internet is a phenomenal place - not only has it extended my reach all across the United States and the world - but it has brought new friendships and business!

Most of all, I enjoy the sharing and the camaraderie.  I love learning more about each of my connections and touching base.  With the internet as a social media hub, the main thing that you have to do is "Connect" find that common ground and cultivate those friendships.  Just because I may not need your services, doesn't mean that I don't know someone who does!

Referrals are key!  Recommendations are key!  Scheduling time to work in your social networks is key!  But most of all, the information that is at our fingertips just gets easier and easier to access!

My gift to you - if you are not that savvy on the computer or internet, don't fight it - find someone that you can trust to help you get up to speed.  For some, change is just a way of life.  For others, you have to haul them by the head of hair kicking and screaming, to get them to accept even a small bit of change.

Take the time to learn more about the computer, technology and how it can enhance your business! ! Enhance your connections and your sphere of influence.

  • Facebook - create a Facebook Page and link to it - start building your business network and get your likes adding up!
  • LinkedIn - optimize your profile, add your picture and connect to other individuals - join a couple of groups and participate
  • Twitter - set this up - add your profile picture, create a great background - sync your LinkedIn and your facebook posts to automatically tweet for you
  • Pinterest - Your social Picture board - you can create boards for video's, business topics, things you like, different types of art - get the picture?

Starting with the basics, getting them optimized are key.  Make sure that your message across all your network platforms are similar!  You don't want to confuse people - if you have more then one business - really figure out what you want to zero in on and stick to that.

Remember, once people learn to trust you, get to know you, see referrals and recommendations from others about you, that is how you will gain additional business.  You don't need to tell the world every thing that you do!  Specialize - then venture out from there.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas

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