Target Audience Millennials or Gen Y

Millennials and Social Media

Who is Your Target Audience?  Why do I ask?  Look, you may have a great product or service and yes, your product or service can be beneficial to "ALL" age groups - BUT ~ you need to define the majority age group of your target audience.  You will speak to your target audience only - and believe you me, it is much easier to speak to a specific group.  Another note to self not everyone is on Facebook!  Scroll on down to see what is in store for you on this infographic.  More is yet to come . . . . .

Millennials Target Audience Social Networks

Keeping your message simple is key - remember, this group "The Millennials" are out and about - they access their social media via smart phone or tablet - they are more savvy on the computer side of things and while they may have a presence on Facebook they aren't using that as the major social media network for them.

Take note - Here is a list of "Major, Active Social Networking Websites ~ excluding dating websites.  There is also a list of defunct social networking websites.  Remember, you are competing with thousands and thousands of like minded websites and or services:

  • Fine tuning your network is key
  • Uniqueness is key
  • Do something to be remembered - this will lead to more sales and loyal customers.

Yes, I believe in running things more efficiently ~ and yes, automation is a key component as well - but don't over do the automation part  - you need to be front and center and present  - Please do NOT bombard your email list with daily emails - your credibility will go right down the tubes!

When the emails no longer become a message of importance - that is when you will be automatically deleted and your once loyal client or fan will go find someone else.  Your audience is not interested in the latest and greatest (not on a daily basis) if you have updated or have a new product or service then yes, let them know, but keep it short and sweet and remember - act like you are standing in front of them and talking - that way, you won't tend to just ramble on and on.

Knowing who your target audience is, is the key for you to be successful with your loyal clientele and new clients coming on board.


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