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Stop the Website PopUps Before You Lose Your Client!

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Stop the Website PopUps Before You Lose Your Client!

Think outside the box

Stop the Website PopUps!  

Not another website popup

Website Popups!  How annoying this is!

Look, I click on a link because I find your content that I am reading interesting – but nothing is more frustrating then clicking on the link and all of a sudden you are redirected to a page that has your information – a portion of the article comes up – but where do you click to read the entire article?

  • First you are bombarded with all those friggin website popup ads
  • Then the annoying website popup (join my email list for great news, tips and tricks) begin – if you happen to sign up for the newsletter you are in for a nightmare.
  • The nightmare has now come to your inbox – it isn’t a quarterly, monthly, or bi-weekly email – it is a DAILY email that appears – if you are like me, you throw it into spam and forget about it.  But that in itself is time consuming.
  • Last but not least, if you have the patience of a saint – you will figure out where to click to read the rest of the article.

Do you realize how annoying you are to the people that come to your site?  I am so turned off at the intrusion, I click off.  You have lost me as a potential reader, client and or supporter.  What?  You think that I can’t read through an article and decide for myself if I want to share the article or follow you on your social media?  It is more then obvious that your intent is to SELL me something, not cultivate a relationship and help me to become a long term client.

What happened to being Unique?

Obviously, more people want to follow the crowd because they were told to do things this way.  WHY?  This is your business, your website, and your reputation on the line.  If your intent is to bombard people with useless information, then by all means continue what you are doing.

I choose to be different.  I ask this to my clients all of the time, “Why should I buy from you, read your information, showcase your service or product?  What makes you different from your competition?  Internet marketing is NOT the same as how you were taught to bombard mailboxes with ads, catalogs and junk.

Website Popups or Quality Content

Internet marketing is about:

  • Your reputation.
  • It is about your quality of content.
  • It is all about your personality and how you convey your message.
  • It is all about building relationships
  • It is NOT about how many connections you have – you could have 1000 connections (which are just that- connections) or you could have 50 quality customers (connections) that will purchase from you and / or refer you to their friends and family and support you.

Obviously, if I signed up for your newsletter, I saw you had relative content that I am interested in.  But I DID NOT sign up to be bombarded with the latest and greatest deal, nor to have my inbox fill up with your vast emails.

Website Popups – they come from everywhere.  Website Ads – they take over the entire page – they aren’t strategically placed – nor are they thought out – (for the most part).  Popups are also appearing in your browser!  How invasive is that?  Here are 4 links that will help you disable the popups and ads from your favorite browser:

A Few Tips for Website Signups:

  • If you have a quality newsletter that goes out – state how often the newsletter will appear in your inbox.
  • What about having someone check a box on how often they want the newsletter to appear in their inbox.  Maybe you have a weekly, monthly, quarterly option?
  • Be very clear on the content that will be contained within that newsletter.
  • For your specials?  Stick to your word – Discount good for 7 days – use code 12345 – DO NOT RENIG on your word!  I already know that I will get more emails from you stating the discount has been extended – or “It’s Not Too Late” message of how special you are and you have until midnight to use the discount code.
  • If you are not true to your word – you are only expecting the sale – you are not interested in building a relationship with your new customer – and heaven forbid – you like the sale and you purchase – then bam!  Your inbox fills up with all types of crap.

I cannot tell you how many times I have clicked off a site – I don’t have the time to figure out where the heck the article went, and you have just lost any respect that I may have for you.  Website Popups need to be done right!

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