Gen-X The Boomer’s Off Spring

GEN-X Just Crash - Too Much Brain Activity

GEN-X the Boomer's Off Spring , the Forgotten yet powerful generation.   Do Not IGNORE ~ by doing so, it means you are ignoring a demographic that has impressive influence over both household and company decisions.

This is another reason why small business entrepreneurs are asked "Who Is Your Target Market?"  If you answer everyone - then you need to go back to the drawing board.  I am a boomer - and I talk best to other boomers.  Yes, my business tips and info can and is utilized by all ages - but I am writing it to the boomer - I work at keeping things simple and easy to understand - why?

Boomers (My Target Audience) (for the most part)  are not from the techie fields.  I would rather make sure that the least techie boomer understands the information - the reason?  This equates to everyone in the boomer section understanding what I am saying.  They are smart, think outside the box, eager to learn, etc.   For those that are more advanced in the Techie arena - they will ask the questions - and that is how the less Techie boomer learns.  (By listening to the questions and answers)

GEN-X the forgotten yet powerful generation

Here are some additional food for thought:

  • Gen-X make up 31% of the total U.S. income ~ yet they only comprise 25% of the population
  • Gen-X are founding 55% of today's startups.
  • Gen-Xers outspend all other generations when it comes to housing, clothing, eating out and entertainment.
  • The Gen-X group make middle class income - average of $50,400
  • 35% of the Gen-X group have college degrees
  • Of the Gen-X group - 81% have Facebook accounts and love social media - they also spend about 7 hours a week on social media.
  • Gen-Xers - 54% are totally frustrated that BRANDS constantly ignore them
  • Marketing to Gen-Xers?  Don't forget traditional media - 48% listen to the radio, 62% still read newspapers and 85% watch traditional television.

So my friends, despite the Gen-X population being the smallest in numbers, they currently have the biggest disposable income to spend on your products.  They also have a strong influence on corporate purchases.

It is very important to figure out your target market.  You need to get down to a bit of detail - don't generalize anything - do a little research - there are many great sites out there giving you the information you need to make an informed decision, to help you with the marketing - and last but not least build the relationship!  Social Media is there for you to build a relationship with your clientele - or prospects.  Do not treat Social Media like old fashion marketing media - when our mailboxes fill up with junk mail - for the most part - that media gets thrown in the trash.

When your inbox get's buried because you have to send out an email every day - you will be placed on the spam list and deleted.  Make your content count!  When you put together information make it quality - Gen-Xers are not going to be fooled - they can tell if you are just selling to them or if you truly care about them and have a product or service that will genuinely help them.

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