Backlinks ~ Trust Ratio ~ Pingbacks

Let’s start with Backlinks?

  • Backlinks are when one website links to another – they are also known as “inbound links” or “incoming links”.
  • The more the merrier and the higher you will rank is a myth.  You need quality websites to be linked to – example – are you a Better Business Bureau member?  If so, that is a very high ranking website – just you being on that site can help.  What about your Chamber of Commerce?  I am not saying that you should not ever be on other types of sites – I am saying mix it up.

Example:  Website A has an External Link to Site B – Site B has a backlink from Site A ~ so why are “backlinks” so important?  Why are they valuable for SEO?  Click here to view the Skyscraper Technique.

  • Backlinks represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to anther.
  • How does this work?  These backlinks are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content.  Here is an example for the Folsom Chamber of Commerce.


TF – Trust Flow – how trustworthy a site is based on ~ how trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy neighbors.

CF – Citation Flow – a number predicting how influential a URL might be based on how many sites link to it.

TR – Trust Ratio – TF / CF = TR – if your Citation Flow score is high & your Trust Flow is low – this means that the website has a lot of link equity (or juice) but barely any trust from those links.  It usually means that the website has gained links from spammy areas of the web.  Here are (2) examples of scores to help you:

  • If your TR is .8 or .9 – the domain has good link juice but the sources of inbound links questionable.  Site links you come from has lots of inbound links but those inbound links aren’t very trustworthy.
  • If your TR is 1 or higher – in the example above it is 1.25 – this is considered to have very safe links.


In WordPress, under Settings, Writing, Update Services section there is an area if filled in ~ that will automatically notify internet site update services.  Every new post that you do, if you have these pingbacks in that section each pingback is being notified that you have just published a new post!

There is a list of pingbacks on this page that you can copy and paste in the Settings, Writing, Update Services section.   Click here to review the Update Services information in the WordPress Codex.  

There are a couple of additional scores I look at for Outreach – Page Authority and Domain Authority –

  • Page Authority ~ your ranking score on search engines – I look for 30 and above (though if a Page Authority score is in the 20’s I still may consider that website (if the other scores are high)
  • Domain Authority ~ your ranking score on search engines – the number given is the strength of the website over time – this score is calculated by combining other link metrics which links root domains and # of total links (from MozRank) into a single score.

There is so much to know – but I wanted to start somewhere – I know that people advertise how easy it is to create a website – and yes, the design phase can be pretty easy – but they don’t tell you that there are a lot of behind the scenes work that you need to learn ~ you know with 1.8 Billion websites in the world you really need to do something to beef up your internet presence, remember, Backlinks, Trust Ratio and Pingbacks are just the beginning of the information that you need!

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