Photographer to Novelist ~ Introducing Jon Michael Riley

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I love it when someone believes in themselves, their skills and their idea’s.  Novelist, Jon Michael Riley is one of those people!  When I met Jon, he was transitioning from photographer to novelist.  His first book in the Channey Moran Action Thriller Series “Dream The Dawn” wasn’t published yet – but he sent me the ebook and I was totally hooked!

I read the entire story in 2 days and was after him for book #2!  But let’s get back to Jon here, I also had the pleasure of meeting him 3 years ago when my dear friend and I went to South Carolina.  Jon Michael Riley Author of Channey Moran Action Thriller SeriesWhere we were wasn’t far from Jon in North Carolina so not only did we meet up with him, but we also met up with a dear couple Amanda and Sang Koh.

If it wasn’t for the internet ~ Jon’s love of photography ~ and the need to find some great pictures for a project I was doing – I would have never had the pleasure of meeting him.  Jon Michael Riley found himself in a position of not being able to continue his photography career – with health issues and a wife diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, he had to make a career change.

So many of us find ourselves in similar situations – making career changes.  Things happen in our lives and usually it is because of something that we don’t foresee.  For myself I have done so many different jobs, acquired many different skills and never once thought that I would be working for myself blogging and promoting others.

Promoting others is what I enjoy doing.  Jon Michael Riley, Author, Photographer, and History buff is someone I want to promote and introduce to all of you.  If you are in the Asheville, North Carolina next Thursday, March 29th,  stop by Malaprop’s Bookstore & Cafe at 6 p.m.  Jon will be presenting “PhotoShoot” Book #2 in the Channey Moran Action Thriller Series.

A bit about PhotoShoot . . .  an international thriller involving New York photographer, Channey Moran, who joins a group of mercenaries traveling to Somalia to rescue Americans taken by force from their sailboat in the Indian Ocean. Channey’s job is to stage a fashion shoot as a camouflage for getting mercenaries in place to go after the pirates holding the Americans. The book borrows from Riley’s experience as a highly successful career photographer. Help celebrate this local author’s second book in this exciting series!

The San Francisco Book Review also has published a review on Jon’s “Searching for Cool ~ Praying for Heat”     An excerpt from Grady Harp ~ Jon offers a summary that is minimal but a very open invitation to jump into this marvelously written novel: ‘Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat is a novel of love, desire, loyalty, and honor that affects the O’Rourkes, a relocated New England textile family who face entrenched white supremacy in a small North Carolina cotton mill town in 1960.

Want to learn some more about Jon?  Check out the Blue Ridge Public Radio, NPR’s home in Western North Carolina – a great review – with an audio version also available – You know, life throws us many curves – but Jon Michael Riley has come thru those curves with such strength and courage ~ not only am I a fan of Jon’s but I am also a friend.

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