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Remembering & Honoring those who died in 9/11 – I stood at the edge of ground zero – simply a huge hole – and tears just streamed down my face – compassion, sadness, reflection all were swirling thru my mind.

My dad fought in WWII – My friends were shipped off to Vietnam, My oldest son served in the Navy. I so believe that this country has (for the most part) gotten hung up on the little things. The greed, the misunderstandings, the name calling, the threat of more violence makes one wonder what in the world are we coming to.

Losing your loved ones is the ultimate in suffering. Realizing that we are all people, that we have different nationalities doesn’t mean that we can’t come together for the good of all.

Why do people feel the need to make a statement by burning the Koran? What gives one person the right to say that they are doing what GOD told them? I don’t believe at all that ANY God would tell people to disrespect one another. To inflict physical and verbal harm on another is not the spiritual way.

Traveling to other countries, learning about different nations, people, issues is truly learning to get along and understand. Even in those other countries, there are many peaceful, good, hard working families.

I personally dwell on the positive – I personally bring to the table solutions, not issues or more issues, and I truly want to understand and know how we can all honor and live amongst each other in a peaceful and compassionate way.

I truly want to unite to send the message (To ALL) that violence and bigotry, and racism and prejudice are not going to rule the country or the world.

Our firefighters, police, hard workers, peace keepers, non-profits, all of these type of people are truly there to assist us in living in a civilized and beautiful way. Whatever your religion is, is does not matter. Whatever your birth right is it shouldn’t matter.

Raising children with hate instead of compassion will seed the next generation for less tolerance and understanding – Baby Boomers where are you??? We are 77 million strong (and growing) and we have lived thru all of this.

We do see the larger picture and we need to step up to the plate and teach the younger generation the pain and suffering that such violence brings.

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