5 C’s Content Guide for Web Pages That Work™

Have you really and truly looked at your website lately?  Is the information that you are displaying clear, easy to read, categorized so people can find the information they are looking for?

I personally never took the time to do this for my own site.  So, I had a friend critique the site to give me feedback and my eyes were opened!  I have spent a lot of time, fine tuning, rearranging, deleting, adding pages and checking out those links.

The "5" C's: (Source - ContentClear Marketing)

  • Customer Focused ~ speaking to visitors one-on-one with solution oriented messages.
  • Competitive ~ Using the most relevant SEO keywords and copy to differentiate you from your competition.
  • Clear ~ offering helpful, scannable info within a user friendly structure.
  • Conversion-Optimized ~ guiding visitors with offers and links that generate action - how well your content guides prospects through pages - leading to orders
  • Consistent ~ connecting all pages with a constant brand voice and SEO approach
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