Merry Christmas Everyone!

Baby and Santa

Can you believe it -  Christmas is almost here!  What the heck happened?  Once Halloween hits, it is totally downhill from there!  I remember when Christmas seemed to take forever!

I think you can relate!  However, I wanted to take a moment and let all of you know that Christmas is really that special time for getting together with family and friends and just showing others how much you care.  It isn't about the gift, it is totally about the camaraderie, the great food, the well wishes that others bring.

I do know that it can be a time for additional stress, not being able to put a gift under the tree, or being able to buy that Christmas tree - I know I have been there!  But what I really want you all to know is that Christmas is more about your spirituality.  It is the holiday that Christians celebrate in the birth of Jesus - so it isn't about the gifts, or the toys, but about the true meaning of Christmas.

We all may have different interpretations of what Christmas means to us, but it doesn't matter.  Here in America we are free to celebrate the way we choose.  Respecting other religions and beliefs is key here as well.  It doesn't make anyone wrong if they don't believe as you do.

Children and Christmas

But what I love the most is seeing the joy on the children's faces!  Their eyes light up and there laughter prevalent.  Their anticipation for what is under that tree, and those Santa letters!  I know that Santa must get a kick out of the many different letters that he receives!

And oh, the cookies and the veggies ready for Santa as he comes for that evening visit!  Of course you need to make sure that you are asleep - as I was always told if I wasn't sleeping, that Santa wouldn't come!  But we have to feed the reindeer too!  After all they have a long night ahead of them!

Santa's elves have been busy for the entire year making sure that all the children have a toy or two.  But what I want to convey to all of you, is the true spirit of Christmas!  The light that shines - the goodness that comes out - the compassion and the caring and the good will!  This is what I love about christmas!

May everyone have a beautiful Christmas!  Know that you are loved, you are thought of and there is someone out here that is sending you Christmas mojo!




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