Those Special Moments

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Those Special Moments!

I picked the following video’s because they truly touched me! I wanted to share with you as well. What I also want you to know is that the Youth are our future! Let’s lead them into the future with:

  • Encouragement
  • Motivation
  • Backing
  • Creativity
  • Support
  • Peace

Did you know that more than 1.2 million teens drop out of high school each year? This is so totally unacceptable!

As a boomer, I am just amazed at how screwed up things seem to get!  Why in the world do we stifle creativity?  Why do we stifle the curious?  Why do we stifle the passion?  I see such great things with our youth – and I also see the dumb things that are imposed!  But this I know for sure!


Change what needs to be changed – put the kids first – our public education should be top of the line – we should be encouraging the arts, dance, music, painting, creative writing and entrepreneurship!  Frankly, quit putting dollars into a broken system – put those dollars to a state of the art learning center that is the SAME all across the country!

Where you live should never be the deciding factor as to what you will get for your children’s public education!  Public education is for ALL students – regardless of race, religion, sex, demographics, etc.  Encouraging others is what this is all about! What I love about the following video’s is that it resonates those “special moments” – the light bulb going off, the peace that you feel, the kindness that is resonating and the support you get from those around you.



Open Your Eyes from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.

Litefeet moved me! I may be a boomer, but I am here for the kids! Our youth needs to be encouraged and the talent that these young men have is just something! I cannot imagine one of those back flips or those pole moves! My goodness the strength that this needs! Watch my friends – I am hoping this will move you to! What a special moment!

Litefeet from Scott Carthy on Vimeo 

Yes! he said it well! We need to be around the youth! They help keep us young! But we are good for the youth too! We add a great balance and make a great team!

Just GO from Patrik Paulínyi on Vimeo.
What an experience this music teacher gave his music students! My hat goes off to him! What a great man!

Rise Up and Sing—The Movie from Annie Quick on Vimeo.

Below is the cover of “Elegance Digital Magazine Volume 3!”  The magazine that showcases the strength, the talent, the compassion, the struggles and the triumphs of women (and men) that are setting the path for our youth!  Striving to make a difference – all of us at Elegance Digital Magazine want our youth to embrace their inner beauty – beauty isn’t a photo-shopped picture of what the Media and Society depicts as “feminine beauty” but beauty is that deep down substance that lies within you!  It resonates through your entire being!

Elegance Digital Magazine Volume 3

Those special moments are many!

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