Jumping Into the Frying Pan!

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Jumping into the Frying Pan!

Jumping right back into the frying panWhat????  You may ask what the heck is “Judy” talking about?  Well, I just have to tell you – sometimes us entrepreneurs must go back to the drawing board and get a “JOB”.  Heaven forbid – but because of changes in a financial status – this does happen.

But man, you go back to working a schedule – you answer to your boss, your supervisor, you are brought right back into the office politics and you remember first hand why you work for yourself!

As an entrepreneur, you are not one that needs to be micro-managed – nor are you one that is used to running decisions by others – you are used to making decisions for yourself and if it is the wrong one, you take the consequences and you move forward.

Talk about office politics?  Like who cares if Alice is dating Joe, or that Susie baked cookies to win some favoritism?  This is one of the things that you definitely do not do, nor are you that petty to get involved in this type of thing!

I want to introduce to you two fantastic entrepreneurs:

These fine people are exceptional in their field of expertise and they give quality outcomes and work.  They totally believe in going the extra mile and they truly want to help you “succeed.”

Morice Mabry Profile PictureMasterminding Forward – Morice Mabry – an exceptional man that is so good at strategizing and helping you figure out your Business Playbook!  I met Morice a couple of years ago through LinkedIn.  He connected with me and asked me if I would like to join his group of “Dynamic Minds!”

As in many situations, life takes a curve – and Morice found himself looking for a JOB and he became a dad to little Mo Mo!  With his beautiful wife and family, Morice found that he really needed to get back to doing what he does best!  Masterminding Forward!

Helping businesses with their “Playbook” creation and in turn taking the business to a higher level.  But wait!  Morice found that he had everything already created – his “Playbook” was still on that desk, and he picked it up and is now back in business for himself and his family!

So my friends:

And to top it all off, Morice Mabry is also a member of our “Core Team” for Elegance Digital Magazine!  What an honor and a pleasure to have him on our team – I know that with his guidance and help the magazine will be #1 in no time~!

Tabitha Naylor - Marketing - Successful Startup 101 Digital MagazineNext meet Tabitha Jean Naylor – I hooked up with Tabitha on LinkedIn – and after some start and stops we finally connected!  What a fantastic Marketing Guru!  She is very successful, also has a digital magazine and is moving forward with her own company.

Since inception, her company has grown from a content development service to a comprehensive solutions provider offering everything from website development and social media marketing to mobile app creation and SEO.

Successful Startup 101 Issue 8 by Tabitha NaylorI loved talking with her, and learning more about her business, though I do believe I did more of the talking!  Geez – but here is her digital magazine – now this is on iTunes, but it is available on Amazon, Google and thru Issuu – take a peek at her magazine – and you will want to subscribe.

You can never know too much – and as small business entrepreneurs we want quality information – (which is what you get with Tabitha’s magazine) – To view from your computer just click on the cover —–>

Tabitha has a wealth of information – and a variety of small business services that we all need – check out her website to learn more – I have to say – it is worth your while to view her info and to give her a call if you need something –

That is what networking and connecting is all about my friends – getting to know your different connections, learning about their values, their business practices – and referrals!  As a small business owner, I know that I cannot meet the needs of everyone!  I have a lot of skill sets, but I just don’t have the time nor do I want to have too many irons in the fire.

I have a specific nitch and when someone needs something outside of that nitch – I refer them to someone that will give them the service that I would give.   Morice and Tabitha both have the values that I do.  They truly care about “You”, your business, your goals, your idea’s.   Each of us helping each other to succeed is what it is all about my friends!

Jumping in – right up to your hip bones is just how you do it!

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