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How to Pitch Journalists to "Write About your Company!"  Brandon Gaille has the best information out there and I love the infographics as images speak and it is a quick way for everyone to learn something - or scan the info then come back later when you have time to read further or just explore!

How to pitch journalists to write about your company by brandon gailleWhat is a "Pitch?"

A Pitch is a potential story that can be offered by many people who are looking for a particular story to be published.

Do you realize that a pitch can make or break a journalist’s career?  However, if the pitch comes off weak, or is delivered in an incorrect manner - you may never get a journalist to post your story!  Below are just a few reminders:

  • Be Clear
    Look to make your wish clear and concise, so the journalist knows "exactly what story you want covered!
  • Know Your Journalist
    You need to know and understand the Journalist's writing style.  If you are writing a humorous or cute article and the journalist writes murder or assault stories - you won't be hearing from that journalist.  Do a google research - the more you know about the journalist that you are targeting the better.
  • Avoid Grammar/Spelling Mistakes
    Spelling mistakes are a huge turn off!  The journalist will either think you are ignorant of grammar or you are too lazy to fix the mistakes.  Don't shoot yourself in the foot - get a couple of people to edit your writing before submitting!  That is what spell checker is for as well - while it isn't fool proof - it will catch the majority of issues.

How are you delivering the pitch?  Whether it is by telephone, email or in person, make sure you are calm and collected - know your stuff!  Any mistakes you make in your "Pitch" will definitely end the relationship before you even get started.  So fine tune your "Pitch!"

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