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Brand Quarterly Issue 21

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I love learning new things - and I definitely do not follow the crowd!  But I do want to impress!

I love graphics, images, bold colors, something that jumps out at you!  I strive to be different - I don't choose to do what everyone else is doing - I love vintage, I love abstract - I cater to the extraordinary and I work at explaining this to my small business entrepreneurs.

I am pretty active on Twitter, and it just so happened that I shared a tweet that belonged to this company - from there, I started clicking and reading and learning more.  They also do a digital magazine and this is their latest volume.

It has a wealth of information for you small business entrepreneurs like:

I specialize in sharing content - so this blog post will be synced and shared with 7 of my social networks.  You know,  many experts say "Not to share the same post on every network!"  But I have a difference of opinion.

My connections are not the same on each network.  I have different people that I am reaching out to.  Facebook isn't the do all for me.  It is a valuable social network resource, but it doesn't help me build my business.  It does however, validate me, my business and what I share.

Brand Quarterly Issue 18 - Never Stop Learning

Click on the picture above - that will take you to Brand Quarterly's Digital Magazine Issue 18 - even though the majority of us are the small business entrepreneur, we need to project ourselves as a larger entity.  Why?  You will never grow if you don't reach for that gold star.

Check out these articles:

As you can tell, there is a lot that we all need to learn about Branding - the one thing that I do know is this:

"You Have To Be Consistent!"  For myself, my brand is my picture with Sophia - This picture is on everything!  The very same picture!  Why?  When people come across my name or an article that I posted - they need to see "quickly" that it is the right Judy Musgrove.

What are you using for your brand?  Are you having a hard time coming up with that look?  It is ok to use your name - as well as it is ok to show a design that represents your business model!

I am now working on the Branding piece for "Folsom Vacation Home."   I will keep you updated - I have many great idea's swimming around in this brain of mine, but I need to make sure that the branding represents our business and consistent all across the board.    Sign up today to receive Brand Quarterly updates you will be very glad you did.


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I am a Freelance Writer/Blogger and WordPress Web Designer. I created a blog (one spot) where I can post great business tips, sayings, opinions, and information to our women entrepreneurs.

I spend a lot of time fine tuning your Internet Presence. Why? Because being consistent all across the board is key! Here's a little tip: Use the same branding image across all of your internet networks. Optimize each social media profile with consistent keywords and information about you. Yes, you can modify the profile info a bit (to coincide with the social network you belong to. But it needs to be relevant and informative!

How are you Unique? What is your dream, your passion? Who do you relate to? Are you a decision maker or are you a follower. I love what I do ~ but my passion is my digital magazine - putting this front and center is a challenge ~ but it has never ventured too far away from my purpose.


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