How Colors Are Used To Influence Certain Behaviors


Colors Apply To Different Genders . . .

Colors, what colors do you need to use for any type of branding content? By Brandon Gaille - if you aren't following his info you need to do so - he has the best information all around -

How Colors are used to influence certain behaviors Are there definitive ways in which you can ensure that a presentation is worth capturing the audience’s attention and has what it takes to impress the audience?  When I see something colorful, abstract, different, unique and applicable to the subject matter I sit right up and pay attention.

I love bright vibrant Colors!

Presentation Design Techniques is a guide to make amazing presentations without going overboard with any element of it or without trying anything that is beyond one’s ability. Color plays such an important role in all that you do - whether it is website design, blogging, poster creation, any type of branding, this is very important to know - and realize that just because you like certain colors may not make it right - after all you are presenting something for your target audience.

No matter who you are giving a presentation to, you absolutely need to make them pay attention.  Never assume that the attendants would focus on what you are trying to show them.

The Beginning and the First Slide must be able to distract all attendees from looking elsewhere.   This is an absolute must.  Color plays a huge role in all of this!

Once you have their attention, you need to hold it!  If they do not feel engaged or are disinterested in your presentation - you have lost them.  It doesn't matter what good content you are reviewing.

Every element of your presentation needs to keep people hooked onto your content:

  • From the sizing of the fonts
  • The amount of information you present in one slide
  • The colors you use to the layout of every slide
  • Every element of your presentation needs to keep people hooked onto your content.

What I do know, "Know your audience" talk and present to them - utilizing color, plain and simple fonts (easy to read), dynamic content this is what will grab their attention.  Colors play such an important role ~ choose your colors carefully!

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