Eye Movement Tracking

How Your Eyes Move On A Website

Eye Movement Tracking what to know . . .

I have followed Brandon Gaille for over 6 years now.  That tells you something about me.  I value quality information - and he is one that gives it.   While a larger business can utilize his tips and info - the little guy, us small business entrepreneurs can to!  The infographic - 101 On Eye Tracking (How your eyes move on a website) still holds up today!   By Brandon Gaille 

Eyes Movement - Eyes Tracking

80% of the users do NOT scan information below the fold!  The eyes do not scan the entire webpage that is visible at any one point - The eyes will only scan the portions that are either "too attractive" or what is being considered as normal eye movement while viewing.

69% scan to the left of the web page - Understanding Eye Movements . . .

Do this experiment yourself.  When any internet user comes across a website and views the home page or any webpage for that matter, the first thing that they will look at:

  • The top left hand corner of the webpage.
  • Following that, the eye moves horizontally to the right.
  • Then the eye starts to scan the left hand side of the screen or webpage to look for something interesting.
  • If the eyes do not spot anything worth seeing and the mind doesn’t find anything intensely interesting, the eyes would naturally move through the middle of the displayed webpage in a horizontal direction and then again move back to the left and scan down through the left side.
  • This would be the entire exercise of the eye, referred to as eye tracking or eye movement here, when anyone visits a website.

Unique It pays to be differentCapturing Attention . . .

If there is something interesting anywhere on the webpage that captures the attention of the user then this eye tracking phenomenon or natural eye movement when visiting a site would deviate.

Why do you think that images - and video's are the thing that your eye will go to?  People will not READ - they don't have the time!

You want to grab their attention, you want them to be attracted to your information, either by bookmarking it, sending themselves a link or just continue to read on.

GIVE them a reason to bookmark and come back and read later.  Pretty interesting isn't it?  Between Eye Movement and Color they both have their places will create that important message you are trying to convey - Understanding how eye movement and color work to create an interesting and better internet presence is key to your web page success - remember, it is very important to understand the natural "Eye Movement of individuals".

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