5 Reasons Social Media Isn’t Working For You

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Social Media & YOU!  

Your Social Media strategy is key!  With technology at the forefront of all that we do, you need to take the time to fill out all of your Social Media profiles – if something isn’t working for you . . . You need to ask yourself . . . . Searching on the smartphone

  • “Why aren’t people doing business with me?”
  • Are you visual on the internet?
  • Are you in the Social Networks that work for you?
  • Are you where your Target Audience is?
  • Are your profiles complete?

It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service around, it doesn’t matter if you are getting those 4 and 5 reviews on Yelp or other networks.  What does matter is your activity, on your Social Media networks – Social Media is one of the most effective “free” tools for the Entrepreneur.  Social Media generates:

  • Awareness
  • Shows your area of expertise
  • It’s “FREE”

Here is my take on 5 Reasons Social Media isn’t working for you . . . 

  • Your Social Media Profile is Incomplete:  What does this mean?  First – when you join a Social Network, you need to fill out your profile completely – this profile needs to be consistent across all of your Social Media Networks.  I always start with LinkedIn.  Why?  LinkedIn is the most thorough profile creators out there.  It forces you to get detailed, to really pull out the stops on you and your business.  You can upload documents, pictures and presentations.  You glean some great reviews and people can rate you.  Your logo or brand is set – and this is what you will use for all your social networks.
    • You need to include all of your URL addresses in your Social Media Profiles.  Facebook – in the “Contact and Basic Info” Section under “About” there is a section that is titled “Websites and Social Links”  – go there today and add all that you have!
    • LinkedIn?  In your edit profile section under the “Contact Info area – you can list your Twitter handle, your WeChat handle (if you have one) and 3 website URL’s.
    • Know which networks the social network will share to – Example – Tumblr – this blog site shares to Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram.  Instagram?  This network will share to Facebook, Twitter and others.Unique - Standing Out - Social Media
  • No one remembers you:   Your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your worst liability.  With that said I always ask a client:  “How are you Unique?”  “How are you different?”  “Why should I choose your product or service over your competitors?”  If you are not posting, leaving great tips, showcasing your expertise – then how are others going to remember you?  It isn’t about the sale.  It is all about the trust and connection.  With trust, with connection, comes loyalty – so if I don’t need your product or service now, it doesn’t mean I won’t need it in the near future nor does it mean that I won’t refer others to you (in the interim)
  • Are all your eggs in one basket: 

Eggs in One Basket - Social Media

Do you really think that Facebook is the only social network out there?  If you do, check out this wikipedia page.  Facebook may be the one network that DOES NOT bring you business – But you need to know your target audience!  This is imperative!  I don’t want to hear “Everyone!”  I don’t want to hear 25 – 50!  I get it!  Your product and or service can help everyone – but you need to talk to the group that resonates with your business.  Do you realize that there are (6) Living Generations in America?  Each one of these groups have their own specifications and explanations – they are doing different things and approach technology differently.  They are:

  • GI Generation – Born 1901 – 1926
  • Mature Silents – Born 1927 – 1945
  • Boomers – Born – 1946 – 1964 (2 Subsets)
  • Generation X – Born – 1965 – 1980
  • Generation Y/Millennials – Born 1981 – 2000
  • Generation Z – Born – After 2001
  • What value do you add:  What are you sharing on social media?  Are you just posting news articles with no commentary?  Are you giving people a reason to share your content?  If you aren’t, they won’t.  You need to also share your own unique content.  Is your content visually appealing?  I do follow a few very reputable people – and I enjoy sharing their infographics, information, tips and techniques – but I don’t just share anyone!  If the person I am going to share info about – is all about helping others – and they give good feedback and tips – I will share.  If they are only wanting to sell a product or service – forget it!  It isn’t ABOUT YOU!  It isn’t about the SALE.   It’s all about how your product or service helps others!  

Adding Value Social Media - Judy's Business Blog

  • Are YOU the only focus?   If the content you are sharing is all about your interests and not about your potential client’s interests – you have lost.  It isn’t about YOU!  It is all about educating your target audience – sharing great visuals, great content and helping them resolve an issue.  You need to earn their respect, you need to show them why coming to you will enhance their experience and resolve an issue.  Focus on what THEY want!  This is why you have to know “Who your Target Audience is!”  What is your unique value?  Either you are promoting a product or a service?  So what is the unique value that you bring to the drawing board?  Answer this:
    • What benefit do you offer people
    • Who are these people
    •  How do you solve their problems
    • What makes you different from others like you

Quit focusing on what you want – start focusing on what your audience wants “More Value!”  Social Media allows you to reach thousands and thousands of people.  Here is a great reference for who is using Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat – this is why you need to KNOW your Target Audience!  Putting a lot of thought into who your potential clients are is imperative.

I have one last piece of advice (for this post)  People are always trying to circumvent the process.  They will sell you a tool that may glean you 1,000 likes a month!  RUN!  It is NOT about the number of likes.  It is all about the quality of those likes.  Give me 100 quality likes versus 1,000 likes and I will out do you every single time.  I gain loyalty with my quality people and get referrals and sales because of my quality people.  Social Media is just another tool – a very effective tool that will open up communication and roadways that you cannot imagine.  Don’t cheapen the journey – take the time to get to know your social media connections – good luck!

Social Media Make it YOUR Voice

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