Honoring Veterans

Thank you - Honoring Veterans

Today is a special day!  One we have set aside to Honor all our Veterans.  Past, present and future!  Here is a little note to you Veterans from me, Judy Musgrove.

Honoring Veterans

Thank you for serving!  Thank you for your unselfish dedication and belief in our country and helping to maintain freedom for us as well as other countries.   Seeing the bigger picture is what you veterans know.  Immersing yourselves in other cultures is key to your survival.

I know that you don’t hear this enough!  I know that you may be suffering from injuries both mentally and physically and all I can say is I see we need to do more.  No Veteran needs to be homeless.  No Veteran needs to go thru the mental anguish and suffering upon their return to the U.S.

My dad served in WWII, my oldest son was in the Navy, and I have numerous friends and family members that have served or are serving.  To all the youth in the United States!  Ask questions, don’t sequester yourselves in your own little community.   Realize that your freedom is coming at a cost – and honor those that are allowing you to maintain your freedoms.

Volunteer, help those that need a little help – whether it is just encouragement, someone to talk to, or a walk with a new friend.  Stand and put your hand over your heart when the “Pledge of Allegiance” is being said.  When our National Anthem is being played, stand and honor where this song came from.  Show pride in your country and in those that are serving and allowing you to enjoy your lives with the freedom that the United States offers.

Veterans, I salute you!

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