Generation Z (Born after 1994)

Generation Z Born after 1994

Who is Generation Z?  Why do we need to understand the different generations and what they are into?  First off, many small business owners cannot answer this question:  "Who is your Target Audience?" - when I ask this question, I get the standard response, "everyone!"

In today's market - you as the business owner need to be where your "Target Audience" is.  That mean's getting to know their internet habits, their social networks, their world.  That is where you need to be!

Generation Z Marketings Next Big Audience

Generation Z - Everyone born after 1994!  There are 23 million of these people and it is growing daily!  They are also known as the "Digital Natives".

Check this out:

  • Generation Z make up 25.9% of the U.S. population
  • Generation Z contribute 44 billion to the American Economy each year
  • Generation Z is "Growing UP with Social Media"
  • More then 1/2 of Generation Z use YouTube for Research Projects
  • 1/3 collaborate w/classmates & watching lessons online
  • Social Networks they use:  SnapChat, Whisper, and Secret
  • 72% of the current high schoolers want to own their own business
  • 76% hope they can turn hobbies into full-time jobs!

So what product or service do you have? Who is your target audience?  I am doing an infographic on all of the different Generation identifiers - so you can understand better who your target audience is.  Writing to that group is key.  Being in the social networks that they belong to, building rapport and an online reputation of quality is also key! Who is Generation Z?

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