Do You Really Know Your Why?

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When I watched this – from Michael Jr. it just made so much sense!  Keeping things simple, showing the visual of what you mean – that is key!  Do you really know your why????

My Why:  I started an Online Digital Magazine “Elegance” because I was tired of all the negativity that surrounds women – all the sexist bull that is advertised and I was sick and tired of being manipulated by the media. Blazing Trails - Judy's Why I wanted something positive, something that showcased your next door neighbor, your aunt, that woman that was out there beating the odds, blazing the trail for others to follow.

I was appalled at the identity issues that our youth were struggling with – and I was sick and tired of seeing photoshopped pictures of that “Perfect Woman” that the media put forth out there to the world.

I wanted to show our youth that being unique was a positive thing.  I wanted to show them that beauty wasn’t a particular look but it was something that resonates from within – the trueness of character, your individualism, your heritage.  I want our youth to go for their dreams, to reach for the highest star and I wanted to display all of those women (and men) that are beating the odds, not listening to the nay sayers and walking their own path.

Carls Jr Hamburger AdMy deciding moment back in 2013/2014 was watching a Carl’s Jr. Ad of a sexy young woman eating a hamburger!  For some reason, that ad was the straw that broke the camels back!  I had had enough!

What the heck?  The silent message – was (to me) appalling.  Here is an example – this was one of the cleaner ones that I found – the video’s?  Have you seen them?

And we wonder why we have such issues in our country surrounding women?  Our youth is being raised looking at this and they figure that they need to do what they are seeing in order for the guys to like them!  This is so far from the truth!  As our youth get older, they are tasked with figuring out who they are, what they are about, what their path should be, this type of advertising belies the things we are telling our youth and young adults.

Bulimia is in the picture, depression, suicide, bullying, acting out, drugs, alcohol – the list goes on and on.

What Elegance Digital Magazine is:  a portrayal of all the fine women and men, young and older who are doing some fantastic things.  These women and men have discovered who they are, what they are about and fight for what they want.  I wanted one place that would talk about all of the fine things that these people have done and are doing!  I want to change how women are looked at – how they are identified as someone that has made a difference – that has taken their dream, their passion and done something with it.

Enter “Elegance Digital Magazine!”  Why the name “Elegance?”  I truly believe that all women of all ages are “Elegant”.

  • Elegance is Uniqueness
  • Elegance is Accepting Who You Are
  • Elegance is Compassion
  • Elegance is Embracing the Real “YOU”
  • Elegance is Strength
  • Elegance is Beauty – the kind that resonates from deep within – it just opens up and sparkles – from your head to your toes!

Jump Right In

I just jumped right in, not knowing a thing about magazine creation, not really understanding the time and effort that it would take to put something together.  Without my editor, Ginny Macko, or my assistant, Virginia Wolfe, or my son Chad Musgrove (website designer) or Sang Koh (magazine designer) this magazine would not have gotten off the ground.

I have to say, every person I have approached to be a part of this has said yes.  Words cannot express the gratitude and the appreciation and the patience that each and every one of them have!  Even with delays and a couple of surgeries (mine) the magazine still has moved forward and we are knocking em dead!

So let me introduce you to the main group of “Featured Writers:”  (Drum Roll Please)

Please know that there are more – I just wanted to give you a flavor of who we are.  We are now on Volume 5 of Elegance – and I have to say that it is a labor of love.  The “Featured Writers” are the cream of the crop!  Most are older too – but the stories, the articles that are coming out of them are amazing!  Each Volume has it’s own theme.

So according to Michael Jr. here, Judy’s WHAT is “Elegance Digital Magazine” and Judy’s WHY is to reach our youth between 16-25 – to encourage them to draw on the strength from the different people we are reporting on and to showcase positive, awesome accomplishments that the media just glosses over.

It all starts with ONE – and if we can change the life direction of one young adult – we can change more paths – if we can show our youth that the media isn’t something to take seriously, to walk to the tune of their own drum – then we at Elegance have done our job!

Do You Really Know Your Why?


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