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Who Is Your Target Audience?

Who Is Your Target Audience?

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Power of Social Media . . . Knowing Your Target Audience! 

What you need to know about choosing the most effective social media platforms.   I am floored at how many businesses do not embrace social media РUse a social media strategy Рinstead of working at being on everything really evaluate where your target audience is residing Рthat is where you need to have a presence.

Please note – the main website for this infographic isn’t working correctly – I always link and give kudos to the creators of the infographics I share, however, I have linked to their Slideshare account (it is the 3rd presentation down)

Social Media Channels

Do you see why you need to know your target audience?  If my services and or products are targeted to the 18 Р34 age group РI will have a presence on Facebook Рbut I will utilize other social media platforms where they are talking.  I have found that Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter are all very powerful networks for me.  I really utilize great tools to post to the many social media networks that I choose Рso this post will go to (8) different social networks!

Social Media is NOT about how many likes, friends or comments you have. ¬†It is all about building that trust, that connection, showcasing the quality work and or information that you want to share with your target audience. ¬†Mistakenly, people are all up in arms because they don’t feel they have enough likes – but to me, that is just plain dumb! ¬†I want those quality connections – my 10 quality connections will outdo your 100 fake connections any day.

Be mobile! ¬†Use that smart phone! ¬†Download the social media apps so you can stay connected when you are out and about. ¬†NO, I don’t mean to be on them all the time! ¬†But when you have a great picture that you want to share – instead of waiting till you get back home – do it while you are out and about. ¬†Be smart about the sharing – you don’t need to showcase yourself partying and drinking – though you can do this with taste!

Knowing your online target audience will create growth for your business! ¬†Giving value, promoting a fellow networker’s great tips and or infographics is key! ¬†There are millions of people on the internet. ¬†Do not be afraid that paying it forward will hurt you. ¬†Your online presence needs to be one of trust.

I sincerely hope this infographic helps you to identify your target audience.

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