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All Things Digital For The Small Business Entrepreneur

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All Things Digital For The Small Business Entrepreneur

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Embarking on a new “All Things Digital” journey?  Want to turn that hobby of yours into a business?  Or take your business model and spruce it up?  Need to create an updated look or utilize the many great online tools to help run your online part of the business more efficiently?

Digital Online Research Tutorials

I would like to introduce you to – a great resource filled with tips and tutorials to help us small business entrepreneurs make informed decisions.

For the newbie small business entrepreneur this site will help to answer the questions you will have.  There is a lot to figure out in the online world.

Since I am a Boomer, I understand the growing pains, the confusion, the reluctance to move into the digital age. But with the internet and how fast technology is changing, it is a must for us Small Business Entrepreneurs to get with it!

I have been in the computer industry for 40 years! Whoops – that may give away my age – but I am the exception to the rule. If I had been told that in my career growth that I would be affiliated with the computer – I would have told you a few choice words there! 🙂

A BIG part of what I do is to help my client get up to speed on the computer – some just have a hard time with email alone – but “IF YOU WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN BUSINESS YOU NEED TO BE ONLINE!”

Here are some pointers to help you out:

  • Get comfortable with your email – sending, receiving, attaching documents etc.
  • Do NOT try to create your own website – you will be totally frustrated and ready to pull your hair out
  • Do understand that Social Media is here to assist you in growing your business and displaying your area of expertise
  • Transforming your networking methodology to include the internet is imperative for your business growth
  • Schedule a time each day that is your internet time – whether it is early morning, late afternoon or evening – figure out the best time for you to sit quietly and be able to concentrate
  • Go to a class – Your Local SCORE holds many different classes (many of them free) for the entrepreneur – from Facebook or social media to business plans and accounting
  • Read – subscribe to newsletters that relate to your area of weakness – like the Kim Komando Daily Computer Tips

Before embarking on your Digital Journey – check out
“A great resource for the Small Business Entrepreneur.”All Things Digital - Great Reviews

Positive tweets ÷ (positive tweets + negative tweets)  – Our software digs deep into Twitter to find relevant, up-to-date feedback on the products and services you need. Our software:

  • Analyses the language people use, and can accurately extract the sentiment behind it.
  • Finally, it aggregates the results and produces a product score. reviews and compares the best products, services, and software for running or growing your small business website or online shop.  This is a great resource / tool for you to utilize – check out the blog – for more in depth reviews, tutorials and tips to help you grow your small business.

Additional food for thought:

  1. Make a list of the things you are not familiar with
  2. Ask questions to other networks
  3. Be honest with yourself and seek out those people that have the expertise you are lacking
  4. Remember, you can’t do it all – yes, you need to be informed and understand how things work – others cannot speak for you ~ while there are many area’s that someone else can monitor or update – when speaking about your business that has to come from you – know one knows your philosophy or information as well as you do.
  5. Know the internet rules – there is an internet etiquette to follow – find out about the spamming laws, and proper marketing techniques
  6. Email Marketing is a phenomenal way to announce your business specials or discounts – but do it the right way – utilize Constant Contact – an email marketing company – that will track your click through, unsubscribe those that don’t want to be on the list and has a huge program to assist you in tying in your info to the social networks like, Facebook, Linked in and Twitter.

There is so much more – but that will be in a later post and please Join the Discussion Group on Linked In, it is a great way for you to learn about other people’s mistakes and triumphs.

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