Are You Using Google Webmaster Tools?

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There are many things that you can do for “FREE” to assist your website in better page rankings, better search engine optimization and overall web performance.  Google has a huge assortment of tools for us lay people to utilize.

  • Create a FREE Sitemap for your website – if you aren’t the webmaster of your site ask your webmaster what they have done
  • Go To The Webmasters Tools
  • Add your site to Google – here you will have to verify your site first – if you are using your own server, or ftp – just upload the file they generate to your public.html directory
  • After uploading – Verify the site
  • Now, go to the FREE – xml-sitemaps website and create your sitemap file
  • Fill out Google Profiles – this is a must!  You can also add great links – other websites, your social media information etc.

There are many things that you can do to stay updated on the internet – but You MUST schedule your Internet time.  Utilize your time wisely, stay in front of your clients, Utilize Email Marketing, with event and survey applications and other great tools.

Leaving your contact information is key to your business success – Utilizing Google Maps for your business is also key.  Let me know what you use as well – Sharing information is key to helping each other!

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