Why WordPress.org Themes?

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Thank you, Guerilla Web Agency for this awesome Infographic about WordPress the Open Source Software.

Why WordPress.org Themes

I have been around long enough (with WordPress) that I have seen the evolution of this great open source software!  I have been to San Francisco and attended WordPress Workshops, I have attended the WordPress workshop right here in Sacramento and I do belong to the Sacramento WordPress group.

WordPress : One CMS To rule Them All! – An infographic by Guerilla web agency.

Do you realize that WordPress is the leading CMS (Content Management System) out there?

  • WordPress offers a huge selection of WordPress Themes - which make website development an easy task.
  • WordPress is easier to understand and to work on
  • WordPress has robust features - are available for almost every possible task that is required to make a post engaging, rank higher and be more visible to the audience.
  • WordPress themes undergo a very "Strict Theme Review process" before they are published in the WordPress repository/directory.
  • Web Developers that create themes for WordPress maintain the coding standards that WordPress has set
  • There is a "Theme Check Plugin" that is ran on any new theme submitted and they will not showcase any red mark warnings

I didn't realize that the Theme Review Process in WordPress.org was this extensive:

  • Before a theme is uploaded over the WordPress repository, they go thru "quality control"
  • Once uploaded - it is placed in the "Theme Queue" and allocated to a reviewer for further revision - the reviewer will submit a checklist of revisions if needed (each theme get's assigned to a theme ticket and a theme reviewer)
  • The ticket is reviewed and if the issues are found genuine, the theme is NOT approved and is left open for updates
  • The theme author has (7) days to update the revisions recommended but it will be closed if there is no activity or the theme hasn't met the qualifications
  • Just in case the theme reviewer does not update the theme, it is given to a new reviewer
  • If all of the required checks are met - the theme is approved for going live
  • HOWEVER, before it goes live, it is reviewed once again.
  • The new live theme is then featured on the WordPress.org directory.

WordPress themes are independent - they can function with minimal plugins yet they can really show advanced capability because of the thousands of Plugins (mini apps) that are built to enhance your site.  I have spent hours looking at different plugins, and I haven't even scratched the surface!

WordPress themes are updated regularly - this is because they are reviewed regularly and also added with new and better functionality.   (Why Updates?) Because they boost up the better features in the plugins!

A certain set of tests are constantly being done to ensure the quality and standards of the themes.  WordPress takes their reputation seriously!  Generally, themes are simple in their designs, but the functionality is rich!  These themes that are rich in functionality are going to perform the related task in a much more efficient way.


WordPress has maintained their strict coding standards so the theme you are getting is built per the guidelines prescribed.  Failure in the required coding standards would result in the failure of the theme to get published in WordPress's Directory.

With the vast array of themes and plugins, there is something for any business big or small to use.  Usually, I will download a "Lite" theme - and see if it has the features I am looking for.  If it does, I will pay for the theme - which is a reasonable cost - (below 100$) but this will ensure that if I need the developer's help - they will help me - and I have found this to be absolutely phenomenal.


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