Goals – Nooo!!! It’s Not About New Ones . . .

Noooo - It's Not About New Goals . . . 

This is Judy talking to Judy and hoping you can find something in here to resonate with! There are two area's of your life that you have to get straight! The Personal/Mental Side and The Business/Entrepreneurial side! Period! They definitely are connected and if one side is not balanced the other side suffers!  Instead of pounding out "new goals" - let's just talk about improvement - identifying what isn't working and how we can fix it!

So let's start on Judy's Personal side ok? I have been asking myself the following because . . . .

I read the article "Staying Sane in Silicon Valley: Stress & Depression as a CEO by Tim Sae Koo"   - and . . . 2016 is right around the corner and I had to ask myself if I have achieved what I wanted on the personal side for 2015!

To be absolutely honest? I didn't have any 2015 Personal Achievement lists, goals or statements! Uh Oh! Like what??? Why the heck not Judy?

So, how is your mental health? Gearing UP for 2016

How is your Mental Health?

  • Tim talks about the Mental Health of a CEO - and that made me stop and think - my brain doesn't just shut off when I lay my head down on that pillow at night - and I don't always get that good nights sleep - so why is that?  I haven't learned how to shut it down!

  • Tim mentioned a great meditation app "HeadSpace" and I thought "ok" download it Judy!  You need all the help you can get!  (Yes, I downloaded & started!)



  • Am I doing enough for me? I tend to get so caught up in a project - that while I do take the time to walk Sophia each and every morning, that doesn't mean that I am skipping out and taking in a movie or going to have a great cup of cappuccino - The Answer! NO!

  • Am I taking off a couple of days a week? Working for myself, I tend to work each day - and I don't really think about it! I do shut down at night - not because I am being conscious of doing it but because the brain cells just quit firing and I know it is a waste of time!

  • The Answer! NO! - Geeze - not good Judy! This is why I crash - I will work a couple of days on a project - into the evening and then the next day or so - I just crash! I don't want to look at the computer nor answer one single email!

Just Crash - Too Much Brain Activity

Well, it is looking like my "Mental Status" isn't all that good! If you ask someone that really knows me, they will say "Oh Really? And that is news?" So let's see if I can come up with some additional solutions! Here Goes!

  • Plan my days better! I don't work from home every day! So, on the days I am working from home, schedule my walk first thing in the morning for an extra 1/2 hour! Ok, that will work as Sophia loves those walks - and I do NOT have a fenced in back yard for that very purpose! If I have to get the collar and leash on and walk her outside to do her business, I may as well, walk to the mailbox (which in turn get's me to walk further because I love the fresh air - and it does clear the head!)

  • (Note from Judy) I purchased my 2016 day timer - so have written some things in already! Yes, even though I use my iPhone and iPad I still have to physically write it down!

  • Once a week - go have coffee with your walking buddies - that will force me to either pack up Sophia in Judy's Bad Ass Truck and drive across the street - (what? drive across the street? what about walking across the street?) Ok, Ok, whatever floats your boat.

  • Take a day off in the week ( start out every other week ) Declare it Judy Day!

Taking a day off

  • Whether I go shopping, sit and read a book, take Sophia on a new trail - go get a massage - Schedule It!

  • Take one day off on the weekend - do your grocery shopping, bathroom cleaning, laundry and vacuuming on that day!  Hmmm, this would work while I hate house work I do love yard work - so when the weather is nicer I can get my rear (and Sophia's) outside after my cleaning stint and take care of the yard!

With these short solutions, I will give me (2) months to work it - starting January 1st.  I will report in on how well this is working, if I have to alter something, and or if I can extend or find myself with a bit more time on my hands!

I will then schedule the next 2 months and see what happens!  If I am 100 % mentally the Business side will just automatically improve.

Next week will be Blog Post 2!  The Business/Entrepreneurial Side Intention!  So stay tune my friends - let me know what you are doing to help you ok?  Remember, only the Mental side of things for now!  And make it realistic - if it doesn't work - it didn't fail - it just needs adjusting!

2 Replies to “Goals – Nooo!!! It’s Not About New Ones . . .”

  1. judylm says:

    I am not sure what you mean by the bright light flashing across the screen? Please explain more – but yes, I do need more fun – it is very hard to sometimes realize that (as an entrepreneur) I get caught up in the projects and before I know it – I missed a class – the good news is that I do walk Sophia every day – in the morning – rain or shine – and one of my clients has paid for a membership for me in the Broadstone Racquet Club in Folsom – and since I do go to Folsom about 3 times a week – I am making this my mission to go over to the club on those days!

    However, a trip to Sonoma, or to Carmel is what I believe you are talking about – at least that kind of fun! Relaxing too!

  2. Sunny Stephenson says:

    I like that you focused on yourself as a good example, very honest. Good changes set up for yourself. More fun still needed in your schedule.
    I have trouble with the bright light flashing across the entire screen while trying to read….harder to concentrate on the words, just like Rascal when a squirrel darts past.
    love, sunny

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