Who Is Cindy Sample?

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Cindy Sample AuthorWho is Cindy Sample?  What does she do?  Where does she live?  How did I learn about her?

Well, I want to ask a question – are you networking?  Do you get out?  Or do you simply use the internet to do your social networking?  First, let’s answer the question; “Who is Cindy Sample?”

Cindy Sample is an Amazon best selling author and former mortgage banking CEO who decided plotting murder was more entertaining than plodding through paperwork.

I will showcase her books in a bit – but because I joined the Roseville Writers Meetup Group, I found myself downtown Roseville, at a neat little cafe A Dash of Panache Wednesday evening.

I had met the organizer, Clare Price, on LinkedIn.  Clare is another author who Web of Betrayal by Clare Pricewrote “Web of Betrayal” – which is available on Amazon! I got to conversing with Clare and was amazed at her story and her successes and I asked her to submit a feature story for our Volume 3 of Elegance Digital Magazine.

So, you may be asking why am I interested in the writer’s group?  Let’s digress a little bit – as a small business entrepreneur, I wear many hats.  I know that I need to fine tune certain skills, but I don’t have the time to attend a class – but I will make the time to attend a group meeting where I can learn from those around me.  It also is two-fold, I am increasing my network connections and making new friends.

You may or may not know that I am the “publisher” of Elegance Digital Magazine a woman’s online magazine that showcases women, their achievements, their accolades, their triumphs.  While I love to write, and feel that I do a pretty good job of it, I definitely know that I have more to learn.  The website that houses our “quarterly” magazines is The Chat Online News.

One thing though, I am not a pronoun, verb, adjective type of gal. I am not a perfectionist, yes, I want things to be right, I want the spelling to be accurate and the punctuation?  Well, of course I want that to be correct too, but I am not a stickler on certain things.

So, with that in mind, I decided I needed to broaden my horizons, I need to get around those people that are actually writing for a living and I need to learn from them what the correct methods are!

Being the publisher of Elegance Digital Magazine is opening the doors to so many new things for me.  Meeting Cindy Sample was just the beginning.


Dying For A Date   Dying For A Dance   Dying For A Daquiri

Cindy Sample . . . working on her 4th book now!

2 thoughts on “Who Is Cindy Sample?”

  1. Hi Deidre. I had a great time addressing the Roseville Writer’s Group. There is nothing better than networking with other writers to learn more about the business of writing and publishing. Thanks so much for your kind “shout out” for my humorous mystery series. And the books are available on all platforms, Amazon, Nook, Kobo and iBooks. DYING FOR A DUDE is coming soon!

  2. Your most welcome Deidre – her books are not on the nook – though I do have the kindle app – so will see about getting them thru that.

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