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Who Do You Listen To?

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Who Do You Listen To?

Who do you listen to? Who do you listen to?

This is a great question! ¬†I don’t know about you, but I am bombarded with emails daily on the best software that will do this, on the best app that will do that, on how to add hundreds of fans to LinkedIn, or Facebook!

I do have a system in place – but I am still bombarded with emails – and frankly I don’t have the time to read each and every one of them! ¬†So, who do I listen to? ¬†Well first, there are a few practices that I have set up for myself:

  • I am very picky on who I subscribe to
  • I look for quality info – I want to read those great tips – then I want to share those tips to my connections and social networks – I want to give my connections quality information – and I want them to trust that what is coming from me is the good stuff!
  • I check out their profiles – look them up on their social networks – Here is a pet peeve of mine – I go to a profile and there isn’t any picture! ¬†How are we supposed to know who we are dealing with if we can’t see what you look like?
  • I also want to see the value of what they are sending to me – sometimes it may just be a training seminar – I am not against paying for a seminar – but I won’t pay for something that I feel is just a way to get me to purchase something
  • Listen to what they have to say!The relevancy – I am in to many different things – but the bottom line is this, are they sending me something that is relevant to what I wish to know about?
  • How often¬†do they send info? ¬†Let me give you an example – I have subscribed to Kim Komando for years! ¬†She has a team of people that assist her, but she sends out a daily email on a great tip – and these tips range in content – can be about photo’s, about malware etc.
  • She answers a question daily from a customer and she sends the answer out to her newsletter list! ¬†This is awesome! ¬†Sure I get those emails that don’t concern me, but I always scan her tips and pass the info along, or add to one of my posts
  • I delete! ¬†I do not keep over 50 emails in my que – I lose track of those emails – so I have folders and for those things that I need to save – I put the corresponding email into the¬†c
  • orrect folder! ¬†This alone has saved my bacon many times!

 All legitimate newsletters allow you to unsubscribe Рso if the newsletter content is no longer fitting a need that you have Рunsubscribe!  It is imperative that you keep things cleaned out and updated!

Let’s mention you – your tips and tricks practice:¬†

  • Do you incorporate email marketing into your repertoire of tasks? ¬†Who do you listen to?
  • If you do (which you should be doing) what is your plan of action with your email marketing?
  • Do you listen to what your contacts want? ¬†Are you asking questions so they can¬†participate?
  • What Call To Action Items do you instill?
  • Why should they value what you have to say?
  • How are you unique? ¬†Different from your competition.
  • Do you deliver?
  • What is the purpose of growing these contact lists?
  • Are you instilling trust in YOU! ¬†In what you have to say?
  • Do you own up to a mistake and offer a solution so others can learn from your issue?

There is so much thought that really needs to be instilled here. ¬†It isn’t about you winging it – though there are times that you have to do just that! ¬†But a well thought out plan and goal setting will enable you to stay on tract and to get thru your projects and your day successfully.

Truly listening to your audience, is key to your business success.  Setting things up correctly is also key!  Utilizing a Call To Action is a must!

Hmmmm, guess I should give you mine huh? ¬†I am a “Partner” with Constant Contact – and I can offer you a “FREE” website match worth $99 with your new paid Constant Contact subscription! ¬†So click right here to sign up today – and let me know that you have done so! ¬†I will get your “FREE” website match in the works! ¬† ¬†Build a rapor, check people out, sign up as their friend or follower, learn more about the company/person before you decide to “LISTEN” to what they have to say!

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