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Protecting Your Identity On Your Computer

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Protecting Your Identity On Your Computer

I subscribe to Kim Komando and learn so very much from her.   I recommend that you also subscribe to her daily tips and info.

While some of her recommendations do not apply to me, I do follow her advice and pass the information on.

“Identity Finder” is a phenomenal “FREE” program!

You will be totally shocked at what your computer contains.  I sure was.  Even though I keep all my software and hardware updated, my anti-virus updated and I also run Secunia (A Great “FREE” Program for home users that alerts you to additional software that needs updating). I use Mozilla Firefox as my internet browser and do not “SAVE” my passwords.  Yet, I had password information on my computer!  It was still being Stored!

“Excerpt from Identity Finder”:

  • Despite the popularity and widespread use of many different types of computer security products, more than 10 million Americans were victims of identity fraud in 2008, an increase from 2007 by over 20%.
  • Identity Finder introduces a new philosophy to preventing identity theft.
  • If history has taught us anything, it is that hackers, viruses, malware, and others will always find a way onto our systems.
  • Therefore, rather than trying to keep the bad guys out, updating signatures on a daily or hourly basis and trying to constantly stay one step ahead of legions of attackers
  • Identity Finder goes to the source to eliminate or protect insecure information – leaving nothing for identity thieves to steal.
  • Subscribe to Identity Finder today – run the program and take steps to secure your computer ~ you will be glad you did!

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